Your Life Begins When You Know Its Purpose

Class #2 – Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation

Seth Revealed: Class #2“You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule.” ~ The Nature of Personal Reality, September 25, 1972

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1. Chapter 2 & 3 (a personalized version from Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation was sent by email. Please check your spam filters and contact us if you have not received it.).

2. SR Class #2 Instructor’s PowerPoint Slides. (Right-click, and SAVE LINK AS to your computer.)

3. Click to Download PDF SR Class #2 Instructor’s PowerPoint Slides (PDF version).

4. Right-click, and 'save link/target as' or 'download linked file' to your computer.SR Class #1 Podcast (MP3). (Right-click, and “save link/target as” or “download linked file” to your computer.)

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1. Click to Download PDF Chapter 2 & 3 Seth Quotes – by Paul M. Helfrich

2. Click to Download PDF The Emerging New Worldview – by Paul M. Helfrich

3. Click to Download PDF Ten Things About Beliefs – by Christopher W. E. Johnson

4. Click to Download PDF The Ten Core Belief Systems – Compiled by Paul M. Helfrich

5. Click to Download PDF Seth on Love – Compiled by Paul M. Helfrich

6. Romance & Remembrance – by Joanne K. Helfrich

7. Random Seth Quotes

Class #2 FreePlay

Class #2 FreePlay1. Weekly Reading – Chapter 4 & 5 of Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation (your personalized version will be sent by email the day after Class #2).

2. Seth Revealed CD/Playlist – Pick two more songs, ones that you really love, to best represent the core, essential meanings of both Chapter 2 & 3. (You may pick more than one song per chapter).

3. Artistic Element – write a poem, paint a picture, perform the song, dance to the song(s) every day (you may wish to do this with only one song).

4. Explore Book Exercises 4-5 (Point of Power, Rearrange the Furniture of Your Mind). Continue with Psy-time (5-20 minutes every day).

5. Access our Private Discussion Forum – Post your reflections, insights, and questions.

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