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Seth Revealed On-Demand: Unlock The Secrets of Conscious Creation

Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation A Fun-Filled, Life-Changing On-Demand Course on How to Discover:

* Your True Self
* Your Place in the World
* How We Can Live in Harmony

Back by popular demand, this comprehensive online, on-demand course is ideal for those who are just getting started with metaphysical studies, wish to take the ideas even further, or turbo-charge their local study group.
Instructors: Paul Helfrich Paul Helfrich
Christopher Johnson Christopher
Joanne Helfrich Joanne Helfrich
& Energy Personality Essence Rose

Are you ready to move “beyond the secret”?

Have you explored The Law of Attraction, but sensed there’s something missing?

Have your ideas about conscious creation been watered down by promises of a quick-fix solution?

Would you like to discover what’s missing from “The Secret”?

If so, then you’ll want to explore a comprehensive and safe approach to conscious creation. One that includes healthy ways to:

  • Apply ALL of the LAWS of conscious creation.
  • Properly balance your thoughts, feelings, and deep intuitions.
  • Access and develop your inner senses.
  • Help you maintain equilibrium in the face of chronic change – abundance, relationships, illness, and even death!
Originally provided as popular and valuable live course for participants all around the world, Seth Revealed Online Course is now available on-demand for you to experience at your convenience, in any time zone, providing the same comfortable and safe environment for exploration. This unique learning experience provides prerecorded class sessions, experiential activities, and the opportunity to share experiences in our private discussion forum so as to experience deep personal growth and insights.
Seth Revealed astounded me with its clear, balanced, well-organized, and astute analysis and presentation of the Seth material. As a long-time reader of Seth and Jane’s work, I was skeptical about how much could really be covered in just 8 weeks. Paul Helfrich’s deep understanding of the material, along with his creative way of packaging and presenting it, erased all doubt. It was a terrific class. I gained many new insights into the material and I was re-inspired to incorporate Seth’s exercises into my life. The entire NewWorldView team made this an exceptional experience. It was an incredible value for what I got out of it.” ~ Joyce Kilmartin, Rhode Island, USA
Listen to Joyce reflect on the Course.

Are these thoughts, or similar ones, familiar to you?

“I find myself being drawn to a certain direction in life, but I’m afraid to pursue it.”

“I’ve read a bunch of Seth books, but have always found them too technical.”

“I know that I create my own reality, but can’t seem to consistently get the results that others do.”

“I’ve always wanted to take Seth’s ideas further, but have not had the motivation or support.”

If so, then this course is for you! It provides:

  • The secrets of reality creation revealed in simple, easy to apply terms and methods.
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-follow introduction to Seth’s core ideas and transformative exercises.
  • A deep understanding of the key concepts involved in personal reality creation and the means to apply them effectively in your life.
  • An introduction to a new map of reality, including the origins of our universe, the nature of the soul, reincarnation, karma, and more.
  • Deep insight into how you can play your part in the emerging new worldview, while honoring and building upon what you’ve learned in your own spiritual tradition.
  • The opportunity to connect and share with other individuals who seek similar answers.
“What an amazing course! The team at NewWorldView has taken their years of experience with the Seth material and presented a complete introduction to the most important parts of the material. Whether you are experienced with the material, or just found it recently, I think you will find value in this course.” ~ Benjamin C., Florida, USA

How long is the course?

It consists of eight online classes. Each is approximately 2 hours in length.

Main Course Materials: Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation by Paul M. Helfrich. This publication is available only through this course, and comes in the form of eight weekly handouts used for each class.

Having received excellent reviews from Seth readers, and those new to the Seth material, Paul’s comprehensive overview of the 46 books by Seth and Jane Roberts provides an easy-to-follow introduction to Seth’s core ideas and transformative exercises.

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“Insightful, provocative and absolutely the best Seth [overview] I’ve ever read! It’s all right here! Paul takes you on a mind expanding journey through the best of Seth the material!” ~ Andy Dooley Spiritual Comedian/Life Coach
Additional Suggested Reading: The Seth Material, Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, The Education of Oversoul Seven (Trilogy) by Jane Roberts.

Why do this NOW?

Because it’s NEEDED NOW. The world is a complex and often confusing place. Personal pursuits and spiritual traditions can shed light in helpful ways, but more often miss the mark in explaining the true nature of reality creation and how we can attain our life’s purpose to be truly happy.

This course will answer such questions as:

  • How can I fully embrace my Whole Self and better understand my purpose in life?
  • What is the importance of dreams and how can I use them to solve health, abundance, or relationship issues?
  • How can I satisfy my deep desires, find my place in the world, and live in harmony with others?

Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation is an experience you will love!

“This [course] arranges the mind expanding ideas of Seth and Jane Roberts into an organized, easy to read and enjoyable collection. It condenses the essence of Seth’s profound teachings.” ~ Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

Do any of the following beliefs apply to you?

  • I have a reasonable understanding of who I am and what I’m about, but I would love to be able to express myself more fully in the world.
  • I have often wondered about what my true purpose in life is and whether it is possible to live a happy, fulfilling life.
  • I am fine with my direction in life and my flow of abundance, but would love to improve my relationships with others.
  • I have always wanted to start my own Seth group but never felt like I had a good way to organize the material.
  • I have spent a lot of time and money looking for THE answer to my problems in life, I would love to be able to sort things out for myself once and for all.
  • I am reasonably well read on ‘alternative’ philosophies regarding living a healthy and joyful life, but still seem to have a problem with the day-to-day part of it.
  • I sometimes experience a “new age guilt” trip from my conscious creation friends when I manifest problems that I can’t solve by just thinking about them.
  • I am increasingly aware that the world is rapidly changing and would love to know how to better cope with constant change.

If they do, then this course is for you! It’s specifically designed to enhance your knowledge of who you are, why you are here, and how you can master your life’s challenges no matter how dire they may seem.

Sign me up! What a great way to work through Paul Helfrich’s overview of the Seth Material! I can read just two chapters a week over nine weeks, and still have plenty of time to explore belief work, journaling, and all the rest of Seth’s reality creation exercises. Also, the private coaching sessions with the instructors will really enrich the class material and help to reinforce the key ideas in practical ways.” ~ Erin Plummer, New Jersey, USA

Eary Bird Register Now Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation

“What can I expect to learn?”

Here is a sample of the larger themes you will explore in each class. You will also learn to use Seth’s exercises in cumulative fashion to test these ideas through your own direct experience:

Discover your true self


  • What is channeling, is it an important intelligence we all possess, and how can you develop it?
  • Who is the “You” who creates your reality?
  • What are your inner senses, and how can you begin to use them?
  • How can you determine what your purpose in life is with great accuracy?


  • What are the metaphysics, physics, biology, and psychology of reality creation?
  • How can you get started with belief work?
  • What is the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, and emotions?
  • What is the relationship between love, devotion, and sexuality?


  • Why are dreams important and why should you explore them?
  • What are out-of-body projections and how can you begin to use them?
  • What happens when you die, and what are the “mechanics of transition”?
  • What are karma, reincarnation, and simultaneous time, and why are they so important yet misunderstood?

Discover your place in the world


  • Why is Seth’s creation myth – “before the beginning” – important?
  • What are Frameworks of Consciousness, and how can you begin to use them in practical terms?
  • What are Master Events, and why do they play such an important part in mass events?
  • What are Alpha States, and how can you use them directly explore Frameworks 1, 2, & 3?


  • What are Speakers, and why is the Christ Material important?
  • What major themes propel the new religious drama and return of Christ?
  • What is dream-art science, and how can you begin to use it in practical terms?
  • Why are the ancient Lumanian civilization, Atlantis, UFOs & Extraterrestrials important?

Discover how we can live in harmony


  • Do animals have a soul, and why do pets and animals play such an important part of our lives?
  • What is so important about our animal heritage?
  • What are Sethics, and how do they apply to your sense of violation and innate moral intuition?
  • What is the truth about good and evil?


  • Do you live in a safe universe?
  • What is the purpose of incurable diseases, birth defects, war, natural disasters, and suicide?
  • If you create your own reality, how can you create your own death in the most beneficial and fulfilling way?
  • How can you become a Practicing Idealist and apply Sethics to your life in practical terms?


  • What are worldviews and why are they so important in explaining mass events and worldview dynamics?
  • Why are the Codicils, God of Jane, American Vision, and Jane Roberts’s death important to the emerging new worldview?
  • What is the Magical Approach and how can you begin to apply it in practical terms?
  • What is the secret of reality creation?

Listen to Paul discuss the Course with Jeff Ferrannini on Planetary Spirit.

“Wow! Is this course too intellectual? I hope I’m not going to be simply lectured at!”

Absolutely not! This course is a LEARNING EXPERIENCE that provides a variety of ‘experiential activities’ – from guided meditations and exercises, to shared experiences in our private discussion forum. All done in a comfortable and safe environment that provides support to take the necessary steps to explore what Seth calls the “Unknown Reality”.

Course Logistics:

  • After you register, you will receive an email with links and simple instructions to get started.
  • Each class will be available at your convenience.
  • You can view the prerecorded classes on your computer from the NewWorldView website, or download the PowerPoint and/or Adobe Acrobat presentation for each class and view it on your computer.
  • You can also listen to each class as an MP3 Podcast.
  • We will cover two chapters each week of Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation.
  • Each class is designed to gradually introduce Seth’s core ideas and exercises while having fun in the process! Our Mantra: “If it’s not fun, don’t do it.”

What you will need:

  • Computer with Internet connection, web browser, and ability to play streamed audio or MP3 audio files
  • PowerPoint and/or Adobe Reader (optional)
  • Open mind and playful heart

Bonus: The Course will be available to you for an entire year, so you can revisit and build upon any part of it.

“Paul Helfrich has done a beautiful job of liberating the spiritual and psychological teachings of Seth from an earlier format that often obscured as much as it revealed. At such a critical time in human history we cannot overestimate the value of this gift re-given! Apply these lessons diligently, and expect transformative results.” ~ James B. Terrell, co-author of A Coaches Guide to Emotional Intelligence

“how much does it cost?”

Here is what we believe the VALUE of this life changing experience to be. Each participant receives:

  • 16 hours of online instruction provided by Paul Helfrich and assisted by Christopher Johnson, Joanne Helfrich, and the essence, Rose (an $800 value). The Course will be available to you for an entire year so you can revisit and build upon any part of it.
  • 8 Podcasts (downloadable MP3s of every class so you can catch up if you miss one, or listen again to reinforce key ideas; an $80 value).
  • 8 Weekly Handouts – Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation not available anywhere else; a $50 value)
  • 8 PowerPoint/Adobe Acrobat presentations that cover each class (covers all 16 chapters of Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation in detail; a $20 value).
  • Easy, private access to all course materials. 
  • 24 x 7 Access to our private discussion forum for one year, where you can share your experiences with others, and learn from theirs (priceless!).
  • No long distance phone charges! Just click the weekly link to listen to the webinar and follow the PowerPoint presentations live, or download the materials and enjoy on your computer

That’s a total of $800 in online instruction, plus course materials valued at $150 (MP3 audio and PowerPoint downloads for sixteen hours of recorded classes). A $950 value.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed:

  • We provide a 30 day money-back guarantee for a full refund, no questions asked, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, and you may keep all the course materials you receive.

Still not convinced this course is for you?

Call Paul Helfrich at 818-914-6115 to find out more.

Early Bird Rate - Register Now Regular Rate – $xxx (€xxx)
3-Month Installment Rates - Register Now 3-Month Installment Rate – $xxx (€xxx)
6-Month Installment Rates - Register Now 6-Month Installment Rate – $xxx (€xxx)
“Helfrich’s writing is knowledgeable and informative. He presents the exceptional and profound psychological and spiritual teachings of Seth with clarity. Readers who do not know Seth’s work will find this an excellent introduction, and those who are familiar with Seth’s writings will find the [course] a useful and guide to go deeper.” ~ Arthur Hastings, Ph.D., Author of With the Tongues of Men and Angels: A Study of Channeling

Take this opportunity to enhance your self-growth and REGISTER NOW for Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation.

To Register By Postal Mail, please send a bank check or money order (made out to “NewWorldView”) to:

1189 Aztec
Topanga, CA 90290

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