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Our mission is to help you consciously create your realityfind out more.

It’s About You! Know Your Self – new edition by available for pre-order

The ultimate guide to understanding your magnificent multi-dimensional Self–so that you can begin living a fearless, fulfilling life of contentment.

Why are you here in the physical world at this crucial and chaotic time for humanity? What if you were aware of your higher self’s spiritual reasons for being here? What if you could fearlessly pursue those things that excite your passions without worrying about money or whether you are worthy of doing so? What does it take to fully express your Self?

“Our long dominant worldview of materialism is giving way in a shift in our individual and collective psyches awakening to a more spiritual knowing. Therefore, now more than ever before, we humans need teachers and guides grounded in an emerging truth we can trust. C.W.E. Johnson provides us here with an outstanding 21st-century metaphysical textbook to empower us to use more consciously our intention to change and enrich our lives and the reality we are manifesting.” – Professor Jon Klimo – author of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources.


Let That Shit Go: Learn To Process Loss and Be Happy

What if life knows better than you do what you need? And what if everything—even loss—could contribute to your happiness? Wouldn’t that make the large and small losses you experience daily easier to take, and life itself a friend rather than an enemy? Yes it would. And Rose–channeled by Joanne Helfrich–is here to tell you how you can do this

The problem in not knowing how to process loss is what keeps millions of people suffering with anxiety, addiction, despair, and depression. But you don’t have to, because this little book will help free you from what makes you unhappy so you can live with joy and purpose.

The inspiring, often humorous wisdom and practices will help you feel better right away, clear your harmful habits of thinking, release guilt and regret, and find yourself in love with life again. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

How To Be In Divine Love: 10 1/2 Principles That Will Make You a Happy, Purposeful Person

Move Beyond Occasional Happiness to Constant Contentment and a Blissful State of Being

Why is it that happiness always comes and goes—if it comes at all? How can you sustain a deep state of peace and contentment in an ever more frightening world? What does it take to uncover and fulfil your life’s unique purpose?

Chris Johnson’s latest book will help you to come to terms with our collective shift in consciousness and lay the foundations for you to ride the “Shift.”

You will learn of the absolute undistorted spiritual principles that steer the creation of your life’s reality.

These “natural” principles are not a set of laws or commandments from on high; they are a purified set of mental behavioral guidelines—unadulterated by institutional dogma. They are the human psyche’s translation of the universal force behind all creation—the vitality of Divine LoveAVAILABLE ON AMAZON

The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose

Many books tell you that your life has purpose. This one will help you to discover yours.

TWOS-cover-thumbnaThis first book by Rose provides deep yet easy to understand guidance on how to:

  • Discover your unique way of spirit—your soul’s design for deepest fulfillment
  • Develop and express your divine gifts
  • Remove obstacles to realizing your desires
  • Find work you love
  • Contribute to the world in joyful ways.

“This is the most exciting time to be alive because you’re waking up to your Gods and your own beautiful expressions of Godhood in ways that will blossom all over the world.” ~ Rose


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