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Seth Practices (References)

 Free-300    A Summary of Seth Exercises compiled by Paul M. Helfrich
Conscious Creation Tools, Psy-time, Meditation, Projections of Consciousness, Lucid Dreaming, Visualizations, Affirmations, and more.
 Free-300    Tools For Conscious Change compiled by Lynda Dahl
Excerpted from Ten Thousand Whispers


 Free-300    Identify, Define, and Effortlessly Address to your Beliefs (IDEA) by Rose/Joanne Helfrich
This practice will help you any time you feel bad about anything, so you can address to the beliefs that the shadow points out for you.
 Free-300   Access Alternatives by Rose/Joanne Helfrich
Break out of closed patterns of thinking to allow contrary ways to consider something, rather than just what you consider the right or perfect way.  
  Free-300   Address and Release Your Fears practice by Rose/Joanne Helfrich
When you encounter a fear, imagine it is a friend who is trying to help you by bringing an issue into your awareness so that you may address and release it.
 Free-300   10 Things About Your Beliefs You Won’t Believe (PDF) by Christopher Johnson
In a rare display of brevity, Chris provides pithy insights from energy personality essences Seth, Elias, Abraham, Bashar, and Omni.



Free-300   The Simplest Dream Practice
1. Prepare. Place an audio recorder or notepad and pen next to your bed. Before sleep, give yourself the suggestion that your dreams are very important and you wish to remember them. If you have a specific question or problem, ask your greater Self to give you an answer through your dream.  

2. Capture. When you awake, try not to move. Ask yourself to recall your dreams. If you don’t recall any, ask yourself, “What was I just doing?” Then lie quietly. Capture anything you remember. Typing on your computer in a meditative state may help bring out more information. You may also recall your dreams during the day, so just be open and listen.

3. Interpret. You can review your dreams with someone you trust, or use a dream dictionary, but ultimately it is up to you to decide the meaning and value of their symbols. You have your own system of symbols and meaning.

Free-300   A Lucid Dreaming Overview by Paul Helfrich
Introduction, What are the Benefits of Lucid Dreaming?, Continuum of Consciousness (Modes of Perception)



Free-300   The Simplest Meditation Practice
Sit comfortably or lie down. Relax into a state in which you deeply feel your inner Self, your essence. The experience may be subtle or profound, and will involve emotion only when you are starting out and need assurance that essence is with you. There’s no way to do this incorrectly.
 Free-300   Rest in Rose by Rose/Joanne Helfrich
This practice builds on the feeling tone of Rose to help you connect with your own essence. 

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