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For a most condensed and complete work, see our Conscious Creation Overview

  10 Things About Your Beliefs You Won’t Believe (PDF) by Christopher Johnson
In a rare display of brevity, Chris provides pithy insights from energy personality essences Seth, Elias, Abraham, Bashar, and Omni.
  The ABCs of Conscious Creation: Foundations of Thought by Lynda Dahl
Includes the Inner Self, Idea Construction, Inner Senses, Simultaneous Time, Frameworks of Consciousness, and Exploring Conscious Creation.
Free-300   Emerging New World Ethics by Joanne Helfrich
The events of 9/11 prompted a willingness to redefine global ethical standards. This presentation includes references to God, Miss America, Snoopy, and Hitler’s testicle.
Free-300   The Emerging NewWorldView – An Introduction and Overview (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
Some see the emerging new worldview as “the Second Copernican Revolution,” incorporating the belief that consciousness is the Primary Source of Everything.
Free-300   Integral Conscious Creation: Rocket Science for the Soul (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
Evolutionary theory, psychology, philosophy, theology, channeled information–tied together with American philosopher Ken Wilber’s integral approach–provides a viable postmodern theory of consciousness.
  A NewWorldOverView (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
An in-depth view of ourselves, our world, and how we can all get along, through the lenses of traditional, modern, and emerging postmodern worldviews.
Free-300   Seth/Jane Roberts: A Conscious Creation Overview (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
The Seth phenomenon provides rich evidence that the psyche is more complex than previously understood, survives physical death, and exists within a web of consciousness that has physical and nonphysical attributes.
Free-300   Tools for Conscious Change by Lynda Dahl
Includes the Practical Universe, Affirming the Point of Power, Breaking the Bonds of Fear, Living in the Now, Defining Your Now, White Board Assistance, Mixing Imaging and Words, and Dear Diary.
Free-300   What is Integral Conscious Creation? (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
The integral approach helps us further understand the Seth material in relation to premodern, modern, and postmodern transformative traditions.
  Who is the “You” in You Create Your Own Reality? (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
Hint: It’s not just your ego.

BOOKS (on Amazon)

IAY-300   It’s About You!: Know Your Self by C.W.E. (Chris) Johnson
An experiential workbook to awaken your own personal intent and clarify the purpose of your life, to better manage those key areas within your life—health, relationships, occupation and abundance—and begin living a more joyful existence.
eStore-TWOS   The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose by Joanne Helfrich
This first, remarkable book by energy personality essence Rose, provides advice and practices on to create your reality consciously by shifting your focus onto your greater Self to accommodate your true desires, not just your ego’s wants.

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