Your Life Begins When You Know Its Purpose

Guiding Principles

We at NewWorldView believe in and do our best to live these principles, while working towards creating a world that shares them, too.

  • You are Divine, as you are an individualized expression of Consciousness working through Divine Love. You are born in a state of eternal, natural grace that you have never left and never will. Your dreams, inspirations, and intuitions represent your direct, subjective connection with the Divine, also understood as Essence, Source, Spirit, Consciousness, God, and All That Is.
  • You live in a safe universe. Your path has always been so. You have allowed your ego-self’s choice to ignore non-physical influences, and resulting fear of disconnection from Divine Love, to dominate your thinking. You can trust and allow your best expressions knowing you are supported by loving energies.
  • All Life is sacred and conscious, all elements intimately connected with each other, regardless of size or distance, in cooperation, invested fully in the pursuit of individual and collective value fulfillment
  • Our universe is really a multiverse of nested probable fields of consciousness, most of which are not perceivable by the five senses or their extensions (e.g., telescopes, microscopes) alone. Learning to perceive them through the inner senses provides new ways of knowing and creativity.
  • Your physical death is not the end of your existence; it is the end of your focus personality’s attention to the physical dimension. Space-time is not an absolute, but a construct. Your broader, total Self (Essence) experiences many times and places in many dimensions eternally. We influence the past as well as the future.
  • Our lives have innate intent and purpose in which we may develop and express our natural abilities to their fullest and contribute to the world in joyful ways. 
  • You create your own reality through your perception. Your perception includes thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, and the inner contributions of your Essence. It constitutes your worldview. Learning to take full responsibility for everything in your life facilitates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and emergence into new realms of Selfhood.
  • You are part of a human evolution that includes worldviews that emerge in stages of increased complexity. Each stage creates challenges that can only be resolved by transitioning to a more sophisticated level of consciousness—reviewing the beliefs, values and principles we live by.
  • The emerging new worldview is the first in our culture to bridge scientific, artistic, and spiritual ways of knowing.  Each brings important perspectives that must be integrated to solve the personal, local, and global challenges we face.

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