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The most important part of our mission at NewWorldView is to share the most profound, game-changing idea of all: that we create our own reality

This and related ideas (see our Guiding Principles) have been expressed across generations and disciplines, and takes on new urgency in our current global shift in consciousness.

Our library of free content provides opportunities to explore and practice these ideas on your own. We hope you will take them further, allowing us to provide our Services if desired. Currently in our library:

  • Our Conscious Creation section provides resources to help understand the concepts and how we can create the reality we most deeply desire. By looking into ourselves, we can understand that:
    • Consciousness is primary to Life, the Universe and Everything
    • You (but not solely your ego) create your reality
    • The esoteric versions of most religions would agree with this
    • Knowing about worldviews, and adapting new ones, is important (see also the Conscious Creation Overview).
  • Our Seth Material section provides resources to explore the body of perennial wisdom that resulted from a then little known psychic ability called channeling. The Seth Material was channeled by Jane Roberts, a gifted writer, poet, and psychic whose life’s work spanned forty-six published books, including short stories, fiction, and poetry.
  • Our Integral Health & Science section provides holistic approaches to healing body, mind, and spirit, as well as broader perspectives of the scientific and spiritual workings that create health and our reality in general.
  • Our Practices & Tools are the best we’ve encountered and include the simplest core practices you might ever find. We literally cannot make it easier for you to practice to face up to the abilities of consciousness!
  • More resources are in process! Enjoy and stay tuned!

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