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Seth Material


  Seth/Jane Roberts Overview: Part 1 [51:43] and Part 2 [42:24] Paul Helfrich, Jim Ferrigno
The Vico Show, 93.7 Liberation Radio, San Francisco, CA, June 20, 2002
Free-300   Seth/Jane Roberts Overview [45:01] Paul Helfrich, Kate Turkington
702 Talk Radio Show ’Believe it or not!“, Johannesburg, South Africa, June 24, 2001

Videos (YouTube)

Free-300   The Seth Video Part 1 [9:03], Part 2 [9:16],Part 3 [8:20]
Videotaped in 1974, this rare archive captures opening comments by Jane to her ESP class, followed by commentary by Seth on “the joyful integrity of your own being.” “You are given the gifts of the gods. You form your reality. what better gift could be given to you?”
Free-300   Interview with Jane Roberts and Rob Butts Part 1 [9:35], Part 2 [9:40], and Part 3 [9:33].
Videotaped in 1974, this rare personal discussion details Jane and Rob’s experiences as the Seth phenomenon began to unfold, including Jane’s rather accidental first experience of channeling The Physical Universe of Idea Construction.

Articles & Essays 

Free-300   Seth/Jane Roberts: A Conscious Creation Overview (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
The Seth phenomenon provides rich evidence that the psyche is more complex than previously understood, survives physical death, and exists within a web of consciousness that has physical and nonphysical attributes.
  Seth on “The Origins of the Universe and of the Species” – An Integral Conscious Creation Myth (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
… This tale, I admit, is far more difficult to understand than a simple [premodern] story of God’s creation of the world, or its actual production in a meaningless [modern] universe through the slippery hand of chance – and yet my [postmodern] story is more magnificent because elements of its truth will find resonance in the minds and hearts of those open enough to listen.”
Free-300   Seth’s Laws of the Inner Universe ~ from the Early Sessions, Book 2 (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
According to Seth, our answers are to be found in the direct experience of our own selves and the world around us, and in our ability to discern what is true by using our subjective perceptions, also known as inner senses, deep intuitions, and sixth sense.
Free-300   A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview (PDF) by Paul Helfrich
Background and “connective tissue” between the teachings of Seth/Jane Roberts and Elias/Mary Ennis, and a brief overview on the relationship between channeling, the inner senses, and the nature of belief systems.

Books (on Amazon)

NPR-300   The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know by Jane Roberts
In this perennial bestseller, Seth challenges our assumptions about the nature of reality. He explains how the conscious mind directs unconscious activity and has at its command all the powers of the inner self. Included are excellent exercises for applying these theories to any life situation.
SM-300   The Seth Material: The Spiritual Teacher that Launched the New Age by Jane Roberts
This book chronicles Seth’s first contact with a Jane Roberts. It is a mixture of great Seth excerpts and explanations by Jane. Topics include the afterdeath and “between lives” environment, illness, why people are born into different circumstances, God, All That Is, dreams, and exercises to develop the inner senses.
SS-300   Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul by Jane Roberts
One of the most powerful of the Seth Books, this essential guide to conscious living clearly and powerfully articulates the furthest reaches of human potential, and the concept that we all create our own reality according to our individual beliefs.


  A Seth/Jane Roberts Annotated Book Listing by Paul M. Helfrich
Where to obtain out of print books, Seth-dictated books, Jane Roberts fiction, poetry, children’s book, Aspect Psychology books, and more.
  The Works of Seth and Jane Roberts by Barry C. Noonan
Includes Jane’s pre-Seth fiction, Seth books, Jane books, novels, poetry, children’s books, videotapes, and audio tapes.
  Seth Sessions Listing by Mary Dillman
Includes date, session, day, book, and Appendix or Intro Notes.
  Index of The Early Sessions, Books 1 Through 9, by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts compiled by Susan R. Williams
Search the first 510 sessions of the Seth Material, with complete notes by Robert F. Butts.
  Index of Eleven Seth Books by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts (PDF) compiled by Susan R. Williams
Search from Session 511 onward of the Seth Material, with complete notes by Robert F. Butts.
  Index of The Personal Sessions, Books 1 Through 7, by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts (PDF) compiled by Susan R. Williams
Search the deleted sessions from the Seth Material.
Free-300   A Summary of Seth Exercises compiled by Paul M. Helfrich
Conscious Creation Tools, Psy-time, Meditation, Projections of Consciousness, Lucid Dreaming, Visualizations, Affirmations, and more.

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