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Free-300   Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine by C.W.E. (Chris) Johnson
Energy Psychology (EP) & Energy Medicine  (EM) address thoughts and beliefs surrounding an issue and dissipate any “held” energy to bring balance to your bio-electromagnetic “energy layer”. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), often referred to as tapping or acupuncture without the needles, is one highly effective technique in treating a wide variety of ailments. 
Free-300   Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & “Muscle Testing” by C.W.E. (Chris) Johnson
EFT is a holistic procedure that brings relief to individuals suffering from psychological, emotional, and physical ailments. It is particularly effective in dealing with addictive cravings, phobias, traumatic memories, stress, and chronic pain. Muscle-testing is a procedure taken from the practice of Kinesiology that involves measuring the resistance of certain muscles when small forces are applied to them. It is used to help determine where the ego self is being highly protective of its beliefs.
 Free-300   Integral Conscious Creation: Rocket Science For the Soul (PDF) by Paul M. Helfrich
Evolutionary theory, psychology, philosophy, theology, channeled information–tied together with American philosopher Ken Wilber’s integral approach–provides a viable postmodern theory of consciousness. 



The Essential EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (PDF) by C.W.E. (Chris) Johnson
This “tapping” routine dissipates held emotional energy to bring relief from psychological problems, emotional distress, and many physical ailments. It is particularly effective in dealing with addictive cravings, phobias, traumatic memories, stress, and chronic pain. The technique stimulates your body’s electromagnetic energy meridians/pathways by tapping on various acupuncture points chiefly around the head and hands, while addressing any associated “problematic” cognitive patterning (your thoughts and beliefs). 

BOOKS (on Amazon)

KSL-300   The Key to Self-Liberation: 1000 Diseases and their Psychological Origins by Christiane Beerlandt
An invaluable tool for in-depth self-exploration of fundamental causes and fundamental healing. Why do you get headaches? What’s the origin of depression? Why are certain people susceptible to colds? How does cancer originate emotionally? Which psychological patterns cause the cholesterol level to rise? 
BSS-300   Bridging Science and Spirit: Common Elements in David Bohm’s Physics, the Perennial Philosophy and Seth by Norman Friedman
Hailed by Deepak Chopra as “one of the most insightful, comprehensive and brilliant expressions of knowledge,” this book Norman Friedman correlates the quantum physics of David Bohm with the Perennial Philosophy described by Aldous Huxley and the spiritual insights of the entity known as Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts, to show how a single reality emerges from seemingly contradictory perspectives—a brilliant synthesis.  
HD-300   The Hidden Domain: Home of the Quantum Wave Function, Nature’s Creative Source by Norman Friedman
Did you know that our everyday world arises form an invisible ocean of unlimited energy that surrounds and permeates us? That all events exist in potential form in this ocean, and certain ones are selected to be manifest in our reality? That this domain is the source not only of our universe but innumerable other universes as well? This book explores this realm using non-mathematical concepts that are solidly grounded in science. Ideas form physicists, from religious and philosophical sources, and from Seth illuminate this intriguing depiction of the world that underlies all experience.

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