Your Life Begins When You Know Its Purpose

Tools for Conscious Change

Excerpted from Ten Thousand Whispers

by Lynda Dahl


Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation

The Practical Universe
Affirming the Point of Power
Breaking the Bonds of Fear
Living in the Now
Defining Your Now
White Board Assistance
Mixing Imaging and Words
Dear Diary
Living in the Half Bubble
Seeing the Camouflage

Finding Beliefs
Changing Beliefs
Accentuate the Positive
A Caution Flag on Beliefs
Becoming Aware of Background Thought
Altering an Event Before It Enters Physical Reality
Altering the Body
Mind Communicating With Your Inner Self
Psy-Time Exercise: Meeting Your Inner Self
Flexing Our Inner Senses


My daughter phoned one day in a state of agitation. At the time, she was in college and her furniture from previous apartments was stored at her father’s warehouse. She’d just learned that he had sold her washer and dryer without permission because he needed the space. It may have been an inappropriate action on his part, but what Cathleen and I discussed was why she, as consciousness creating her life based on her beliefs and attitudes, would have allowed it to occur. My ex-husband could not have entered her reality, or space continuum, to participate in that event unless there was a telepathic acceptance by Cathleen. It never could have happened without my daughter’s consent via her mental signals. It was Cathleen’s selection of thoughts that led to the incident. A different set of beliefs—perhaps about herself and life in general—would not have drawn in such an experience from the field of probabilities.

Cathleen’s task became to figure out why she reflected into her reality the feelings of helplessness and lack of control. As long as she continued to thrust her anger onto her dad, she would never identify the real creator of the situation, and so would possibly never become aware of the mind-set that walked her down that path. And she also would be projecting her anger and confusion into the formation of electromagnetic energy units, which would then draw more events to her of a stressful nature.

Part of the solution to understanding an uncomfortable event such as Cathleen experienced is to figure out what within us gave the event the power to enter our life. What role did beliefs play in the situation? Simultaneous time? Probabilities? Emotion? Assumption? Then, once we’ve thought it through—perhaps more to understand the structure of events in general than the one we dissect in particular—we start to get a sense of what’s behind our personal creations. We become aware of patterns of thought, or core beliefs, or repetitive emotions that link one uneasy event to another, even though the events seem to have nothing in common.

Once we’ve identified limiting repetitive themes or decide we want more out of life, the next question that arises is, “How do we change what we don’t like about what we’re creating?” The answer to the question is not a simple one-liner. It takes moving from theory and philosophy into practical application and finding methods to put our knowledge of universal structure to work for us in the most fundamental of ways. If we’ve been given the gift of the gods—the gift of creativity—then it’s time we started consciously using it.

The Practical Universe

Knowledge by itself will not bring great change into our personal or global life; only application of that knowledge can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse—or haphazard constructions into abundance and health. So, we’ll build the power platform of success securely under our feet by using our knowledge, thoughts, emotions, desire and focus to propel us into our dreams. And that means applying ourselves to the process of change.

Because we live in a practical universe, practical steps can be taken that will direct us to where we want to go. In a reality constructed of ideas and fueled by activity, it makes sense that the way into what we want and the way out of what we don’t want are built of the same basic ingredients: thought and action. It’s just a matter of implementing ideas that will move us in our direction of conscious choice.

There is no one path that fits all, no cookbook approach that leads humankind to nirvana, no ultimate set of directions that prepares the way for riches bountiful. We are all so different, being consciousness with unique propensities, that no magic list is possible. So we will suggest some thoughts, techniques and exercises that you may want to explore if you choose, or discard if you will. All of them are grounded in the structure of our physical reality, and three of those key points are once more summarized below.

• Consciousness Creates Form

We are consciousness which has chosen to enter physical reality and play with its building blocks for our own reasons. With every thought and emotion, we emit electromagnetic energy units that join others of like propensity and eventually manifest physical objects or events based on our intensity of focus.

• The Point of Power Is in the Present

There is no linear time per se; there is only simultaneous time camouflaging itself as linear for our learning purposes. Since time is simultaneous and we reside in a spacious present; since we’re surrounded by every possible probability that can occur to us; and since the past and future are built in the moment based on our probability selections—which are based on our thoughts; then all the power of life resides in the now.

• We Are Connected to a Great Source of Power

Every moment of our life is governed by our inner self, that portion of our greater self that keeps us alive and creating in physical reality. Through its direction and assistance, we manifest our physical world based on our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. One way we can learn to consciously use this power of creation is by listening for our inner self’s advice and following it when desired.

Using these concepts as our knowledge base, and weaving them into our reality through acceptance and practice, leads to the 180-degree reorientation of thinking that is necessary to do what we want, to become whom we choose. They place our feet on the smoothest possible road to conscious creation. So, what all of the techniques and suggestions you’ll learn on New World View’s web site, when homogenized into a whole, will help you do is:

• Focus on the now

• Learn to identify beliefs

• Learn to change limiting beliefs

• Drop your belief in the past

• Imagine the future

• Listen to your inner self

• Assume you can make anything happen

Please remember when you’re working with these exercises that you are doing something extremely powerful. You’ll not just be mouthing superficial words or fantasizing fluff. Nothing that we think and feel—nothing—goes unnoticed by our inner self. If we act as though we’re ecstatic over a future event we’re projecting in visualization, our inner self will accept our sincerity and do what it can to make the event happen. If we say and believe we have incredible power at our fingertips, our inner self will start the ball rolling to help us prove the point. All thoughts and emotions create. It matters not whether they are generated “naturally” throughout the day, or put into place consciously. So don’t downplay the power of inner work. If you do, so will your inner self.

These types of exercises should be repeated for up to ten days for maximum effectiveness—or until you know in your heart you’ve created the outcome to your satisfaction. Which could, of course, be immediately.


Affirming the Point of Power

The underlying theme that runs through all of the suggestions and techniques in this section deals with the importance of simultaneous time. The immediate moment, or the now, is where our strength lies, so it must be utilized to its fullest for the best conscious creation results. Easy enough said, but when we’ve been indoctrinated into the theory of linear time very thoroughly, it sometimes takes desire and persistence to break its hold on our belief system. But where better to apply our focus? After all, if our point of power is in the present, that suggests it’s to our advantage to develop our ability to reside there with ease.

Picture this: Surrounding you is an infinite field of probabilities, representing all possible variations of events you could ever experience. See these probabilities as bright tiny sparks of silver against a background of black velvet. Now see many larger gold stars randomly spread throughout the field. These gold stars represent the probabilities that are most likely to be actualized in your life, based on this moment’s thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

Now, pretend you change your thoughts from, say, fear to excitement about an upcoming event. Look what happens to the field of probabilities. Some silver sparks become gold stars, and some gold stars become silver sparks! Now change your attitude about a past event and see what happens. Same thing. When we change our thoughts in the present moment, we change the most likely events that will lead to and from the present.

If we remember that the point of power is right now, that now is when we select the events we will encounter in life, then we can start to utilize our incredible ability to build our life as we choose. Here is a great affirmation to help us become successful conscious creators, one that can literally change our life if we believe it: I create my reality, and the present is my point of power.

Repeat this phrase over and over to yourself, post it on your mirror, on the dashboard of your car. Think it before you fall asleep, awake to its litany. Fashion it into a jingle and sing-song yourself to work in your car. One way we enter new beliefs into our mind is through self-hypnosis. That’s exactly the tool you’re using with this exercise.

Breaking the Bonds of Fear

When we believe in cause and effect, we also tend to believe that if we are fearful of something, we have a right to be. After all, look what happened to me last week, or last month or twenty years ago. That’s when it started, that feeling of fear, and I’ve had cause many times since to meet it again. It’s been with me awhile now; it’s no stranger in my life.

But, according to the structure that makes our physical reality happen, fear can’t be based on yesterday’s cause, and here’s why. Fear is an emotion that follows a belief, and emotions are generated in the now with the surfacing of a belief; and then an event will follow that reinforces our fear because it’s selected from the field of probabilities by our emotion of fear. In other words, fear has to be generated by a belief about something before another fear-filled event can occur, whether the event is a physical assault or a simple twinge of anxiety while reading news of violence. Fear is based on an active belief.

It may sound like a bout of semantics, but it’s an important point. Fear is generated in the moment by a belief held in the moment, and between the two of them they tell the mind to organize our past to reflect their influence. So the mind sets to work and chooses probabilities that are placed into our “past” that verify the fear. Fear is not intimately tied to our past, building as the years progress. It can’t be. It’s tied to our present.

That we feel that fear has been with us forever on a given issue is because we think we remember concrete past events. But the remembrance of the past is selected in the now. Our life fans out forward and backward from the present. What we think and feel right now pulls in probabilities, some of which we will call past and some we designate as future. All creation happens now based on the workings of our mind now.

Feelings aren’t stand-alone items; they must be flared into action by thought. Fear is not held over from our last foray into the depths of anxiety, imprinted on our minds from the past, or unbreakable until we take our last physical breath. Since emotion follows thought, to break the cycle of fear means to break the course of our thoughts. Seth says, “Your emotions trigger your memories, and they organize your associations. Your emotions are generated through your beliefs. They attach themselves so that certain beliefs and emotions seem almost synonymous.”

So what we need to do is set aside whatever it is that’s causing the fear. We have to break the cycle of thought that leads us into the emotion of fear, because fear sidetracks us, derails us. In response to fear, we literally select events that block us from our goals. Healing, mentally and physically, takes place when we clear our minds in the present and give it room to accept new instructions.

There are two ways to stop fear: 1) find and change the beliefs causing it, and 2) break its hold in the now. We’ll cover how to find and change beliefs later in this section, but now on to a technique for stopping fear dead in its tracks this very moment.

Anxiety is a form of negative visualization, exceedingly effective. Break the visualization, break the anxiety€¦and break the probability of a future worrisome event. We can’t stop thinking, but we can control the focus of our attention. Since two thoughts can’t be held in the mind at the same time, we can give precedence to the one of choice. So, let’s test our ability to halt a little fear that most people have felt at one time or another. Let these words become real to you right now, feel the anxiety they generate: I don’t have enough money to pay my bills. Now say in your mind, “Wait, there are no successive moments, so there is no past!” Let the tension leave your body instantly. Say, ”This is my reality, and I can construct it any way I choose right now.” Then insert a positive response that offsets the fearful one.

If this were a real-life situation, you’d now hold on to this feeling of calmness and clarity, and think to yourself something like, “Okay, I’ve created a limiting situation in the present that looks solid, but I know there are other probabilities I can choose. Since there is no linear time, I can restructure this situation by allowing other choices to enter my life.” If you can stay in the now, believe everything will work out all right, have perfect faith in your power as consciousness in physical form to choose your direction consciously, you walk the path of new solutions to your perceived problem.

Sometimes it’s no more difficult to break the cycle of fear than to acknowledge that fear is something that can be consciously set aside by choice. Break the fear, and at times it actually breaks the belief at the same time, without the need to go any further with processes or programs. That is the ultimate, isn’t it? To move through life with ease and a sense of complete ability to live each moment as we choose, without the need for artificial constructs such as techniques? We can do it, you know. It may take “time,” but we can reach that state of being.

Living in the Now

Here’s another technique I use when I feel myself slip into the old way of thinking—that is, when I’m concerned about something or fear what might happen in the future. I say to myself my favorite one-liner once again, “There are no successive moments.” For me, that statement has such emotional impact that it immediately breaks my concentration on the issue at hand.

While I’m saying it I drop all thoughts from my mind and look at my surroundings. I see everything in clear focus, studying colors and textures and shapes. I quickly release all tension from my body. I smile. I feel the freedom this knowledge of simultaneous time brings to me. And then I think, “My life is mine to build exactly as I want to experience it. I am surrounded by other scenarios. This one is no longer an option.”

Defining Your Now

I carry around a paper with me at all times, tucked into a pocket or purse, but always easy to access when I feel the need. I especially make sure it accompanies me on my long walks through nature settings, because I tend to do much of my inner work then. It’s titled “Selecting Future Probabilities: How I Need to Think and Feel in My Now,” and here’s what it says on it.

1. Sense my inner self with me, moment by moment, listening to my thoughts, advising me. Feel it here with me.

2. Remember that moments don’t flow successively. They are piecemealed together based on what I think right now, and form the future in that mold. That means projecting hopeless, fearful thoughts into the future only arranges the now to create that future’s possibilities.

3. Feel perfect faith in myself and the universe. What perfect faith held in this moment does is release my thinking from limiting future projections. It keeps me in the now.

4. Sense my goals as completed events around me now. This makes them as real as my supposed present. They have the same validity and strength—and reality.

What reading these four points does for me is to remind me of the structure of the universe and how it’s there to support my efforts to change. I read my paper if fear surFACEs, but I also read it just for the joy of the message. If I’m in my car, or in a light altered state, sitting quietly watching the river or walking on the deer reserve, I’ll take many minutes to absorb each statement, thinking about what it means to me as consciousness in physical form. The process almost always does a magical job of drawing me out of my focus on a problem and puts everything into a very different perspective.

White Board Assistance

When learning to stay in the now, one of the most difficult things for many to do is to break the cycle of unhelpful thoughts and feelings that insist on running through their minds, thoughts and feelings indicative of the belief in linear time and cause and effect (i.e., I screwed up that project once before, so why do I think it will be different this time?). One night, in response to utter frustration over not being able to consciously set my mind in the now and hold its course, I had a dream. I saw my mind as a white, blank slate ready to accept completely new scripts as I wrote them in the present.

From that dream I developed a technique I call the “White Board.” Sometimes when I feel myself slipping into limiting thoughts, anxiety or old-line thinking, I see my mind become a large White Board or screen devoid of words or feelings. I then concentrate on the White Board for maybe five seconds. Instead of fighting my thoughts and feelings into submission in order to bounce back to the present, I paste words of encouragement on my White Board, such as: My reality is my definition; I live in a safe universe; I choose a new probability; I create everything I see; _____is no longer an option; I am free to be me; My future includes_____; The point of power is NOW.

During my early days of metaphysics while employed by Apple Computer, and when my goal was freedom through money, I would slap the words, “I’m wealthy and free,” on my White Board intermittently throughout my day. I did it as an affirmation, but perhaps more as a way of stopping the doubts that would arise from time to time. When you fill your mind with white and words of wisdom, there is no room for anything else—and so you return to the now instead of lingering in the past, and the now is your point of power.

For me, the White Board has become an effective way of utilizing the present moment, and I use it as the starting point for much of my inner work. Once my mind becomes a White Board, then I’m ready to do whatever it is I’m working on at the time, whether it is to launch into a visualization scene, alter beliefs or talk to my inner self.

Mixing Imaging and Words

An extension of the White Board technique combines words and activity. Sometimes I start with my words of choice and then segue into seeing a scene that brings them alive. One time, for instance, Stan and I wanted to sell some undeveloped land we owned. Stan handled the technical details and I did my part through imaging. First on my White Board I saw the words, “The land sold!” I held the phrase in place while I said the words in my mind several times. Then the White Board became a screen for the living enactment of the words. There Stan and I were, standing on the land, laughing and discussing the signed contract of sale in our hands, so happy to have brought the event to a successful conclusion. And that’s eventually what happened.

By the way, it doesn’t matter whether we use words or images for our mind’s projections. Either will work. So, if you don’t feel at ease with your visualization skills, don’t worry. Simply run the words that reflect your desire through your mind. Get a sense of what you really want to accomplish, and let the excitement of the words develop. Remember, it’s really the emotion generated by consciousness that starts the emission of electromagnetic energy units. Thought triggers emotion, but emotion is the ingredient of strength when discussing how reality is created.

Dear Diary

I especially enjoy this technique for programming the future with what I want to experience, because it’s relatively quick, always fun, and I don’t have to be in an altered state to do it. Like the exercise above, it mixes words and images.

I pretend I’m my future self writing in her diary about an event that she’s remembering from her past—or what is to become my future. I start by saying, “Dear Diary,” and I see the words hand-written across the screen of my mind. Next I “write” a phrase such as, “You’ll never guess what happened yesterday!” Then I go on to describe with excitement an event that occurred in my future self’s past, but is yet to enter my reality. I’ve switched from writing in the diary to visualizing the scene by now, but I keep up the verbal patter in the background. My immediate self, the one in the present, laces the now with feelings of excitement and conviction that the event will come to pass.

Living the Half Bubble

Once you feel confident of your expertise in creating vivid visual images, try this process. See yourself within a bubble that extends from the point of peripheral vision of your left eye to the farthest point of peripheral vision of the right eye. In essence, you are within a half bubble. Now divide the half bubble into equal sections. Clockwise from the left, section one holds a picture of your future home as you’ve defined it, bursting with feelings of abundance and fulfillment; section two has a rendition of the Bank of You, bulging with gold coins and bills coming out of the roof and windows; section three denotes a scene that symbolizes your career or life’s focus, pulsating with vibrancy and success; and section four shows you surrounded by people you love and trust, goodwill flowing freely between all.

If the scenes I’ve described aren’t ones you desire to actualize—or you already have them in place in physical reality—substitute others of choice. How about a white BMW? An Australian vacation? Winning a coveted award? You’re the artist and the creator, so have fun designing your new life.

Seeing the Camouflage

To help sense the flexibility of this reality, to really grasp that time, space and matter are illusion or camouflage, try this. Sit quietly in a room in your home. Look at a particular object, such as a dresser or wood stove. Study its shape and size, get a sense of its solidness. Now glance around and tell yourself that everything you see looks real, but it is only camouflage patterns of other things, things found in the inner reality. Tell yourself you’re looking at idea constructions made physical.

Now, start to see everything as consciousness which has allowed itself to be molded into shapes. See the items start to become less solid, more crafted of ever-moving molecules with obvious space between them. Study an object and “see” through it as though it’s made of mist. Now do the same thing to the walls of your room, and the walls of your house, until there is no solid structure at all, simply consciousness within consciousness.

Then, if you wish to continue, sense an antique chest or piece of furniture directly ahead of you. See it start to take on form and shape from the mist of consciousness, defying time and space. See it solidify into a definite object, as “real” as your own furniture. Know that you are the sculptor that molds consciousness into objects, that you select the space in which they will appear and the time in which they find themselves.

And then know this for an ancient truth, because it is.

Finding Beliefs

To find beliefs takes first an awareness of their character and then time and effort applied to identifying the ones you consider limiting. Here are some other suggestions for finding limiting beliefs, the first being one I used heavily in my beginning years of metaphysics and still find extremely beneficial.

Take out a notebook. Select the area of your life you want to analyze and write it at the top of a blank page. Now write what you’re thinking about the subject, either in prose or bullet items. Note whatever comes to mind. Write in short phrases, without worrying about grammar. Cover as many FACEts as possible, such as your thoughts, some events that have occurred, and your feelings.

After you have listed the contents of your conscious mind as it pertains to your chosen subject, quietly, slowly review what you have written. Relax and let intuitive information surFACE. Soon the overriding beliefs that frame the situation will become apparent. When you’re through, or even at a later time, review your writings and try to develop simple statements that summarize what you have written. Your summary will give you a good handle on your beliefs.

Or, try this. Write yourself a letter. Describe recent unsettling events in your life and how you feel about them. Talk about why they hit you like they did, and ask yourself the question, “Why would I have participated in such an event?” Then ask yourself why anyone would have participated in that type of situation. Compare your responses and see if, between the two of them, you receive new insights into how and why you put that scenario into place.

Here’s another technique for finding beliefs. Create a list of negative emotions that you have felt at one time or another. Then select a subject of choice; for instance, your job. Bring each emotion into your mind individually and then place it in the context of your work. Let’s say the emotion is depression. What about your job makes your feel depressed, if it does? Write your responses on paper. You’ll soon end up with a list of thoughts surrounding the subject of your livelihood—and those thoughts will summarize your beliefs.

The following are some reflections of a person’s beliefs. Think about their relationship to all FACEts of your life; they will guide you to some interesting insights.

Emotions; actions; reactions; memories; body; possessions; thoughts of future; home and work environments; internal chatter; guilts; prejudices; fears; career; political position; friends; life philosophy.

Changing Beliefs

So, how do we change beliefs? The easiest way is simply to let them go. Make a conscious choice not to believe them any longer. It really can be that simple. But most of us aren’t ready to accept that at first, so we need processes and techniques to use. We can design our own, or use ones developed by others, but no technique will work unless we believe in it.

Beliefs enter our life through self-hypnosis, so we can use the same tool to get rid of them. Seth suggests that for five or ten minutes a day, at most, we “use natural hypnosis as a method of accepting desired new beliefs.” He says to concentrate our attention as vividly as possible on one statement of desire, and keep repeating it to ourselves as we imagine its outcome. Whether we say the statement aloud while visualizing or mentally repeat it doesn’t matter. The repetition is important, though, because it literally activates biological and psychic patterns that then come to pass. A light altered state is helpful for such an exercise, since it puts us in a more focused mind-set naturally.

A twist to the above suggestion is this: Project your White Board into your mind, and see an undesirable belief written on it. Slash a large black X through it, and erase its image off the Board. Then see a new supportive belief appear in its place. Focus on the new belief, and, all the while, build the emotion that reflects the belief (i.e., happiness, excitement, love, contentment). Do this with repetition.

Here’s another technique for changing beliefs. Since beliefs are reinforced by normal inner talking, we can use the same process to our advantage by selecting our chatter. We can become our own conscious hypnotist and insert repetitive information into our minds throughout the day. One way is to select a belief you want to insert into your psyche, and about every half hour or so, stop what you’re doing and simply stare into space. Say your desired belief, get the feelings moving around it, repeat it several times and then drop it. It helps to write the belief on a piece of paper that is always in view, so when you’re ready to start your exercise you can kick it off by first studying the slip of paper.

In Beyond the Winning Streak, I outlined a visualization I’ve used for years for belief removal. It entails seeing your limiting beliefs as pillars of stone that you eventually vaporize with the power of your thought. Visualization is, in fact, an excellent method of removing unwanted beliefs and inserting ones you’d rather experience. Here’s a good one for your repertoire.

Picture yourself at a fork in the road. The path to your left is dark and depressing. Several yards down that path is a White Board. On it are written the limiting beliefs you want to eliminate. The path to your right is brightly lit, alive with promise and excitement. The air tingles with it. It’s the path you will walk once the limiting beliefs are eliminated. As you stand at the fork viewing each of the probable paths, make the conscious choice to select the path to the right. That decision starts a process of change. See the words on the White Board to your left dissolve into nothingness, no longer part of your reality. The elimination of the scene closes down the probability it represents.

Now walk to the right and place your feet on the path leading to your new future. There you are up ahead, having a splendidly good time living your life of choice. See the future as you’ve defined it, with all the satisfaction and joy you expect to experience. The “you” in that event is literally the future you. Put all the positive emotion and feeling that you can muster into the new life’s enactment. Imagine it with the vividness of physical reality. To end the scene, see yourself joyfully jumping up into space, head thrown back, arms above your head, knees bent. You are absolutely certain that you have succeeded in creating what you want. Feel it; know it.

Keep in mind that the visualized future scene may not be created in your reality exactly as you picture it. What will happen, though, is that the feelings you project into your future will wash over the event, coloring its outcome to your liking.

Accentuate the Positive

In all such situations, it is highly important that you do not concentrate your main attention in that area of experience with which you are least satisfied. This acts as a deepening of hypnotic suggestion. Just reminding yourself of your other accomplishments will by itself operate in a constructive fashion, even if nothing else is done.” This Seth quote speaks worlds of words to us. While a book such as this one is oriented toward identifying and eliminating the negative, we must not forget to accentuate the positive, as the song goes.

When you start your search for beliefs, you’ll stumble upon all types, not just ones you wish to change. Make a note of the positive ones that influence your life. Keep a running list of the beliefs that support you in what you’re attempting to accomplish. Peruse this list often. Get a sense that these beliefs should be taken very seriously, in that they are extremely important to creating your future. And, at the same time, pat yourself on the back for having solidified them in your psyche in the first place. You did it, you know; it’s your success you’re staring at when you peruse your list. Give yourself some credit. Build the belief that it wasn’t so difficult to cultivate these positive beliefs, and know you can do it just as easily with your “less fortunate” ones.

A Caution Flag on Beliefs

After all is said and done on finding beliefs, after all is said about them being the golden rule that forms reality, I raise a word of caution. Don’t do what I did: Don’t give the idea of beliefs too much of your power. Yes, they are power hitters; yes, you need to pay attention to them, find them, change them. Oh, yes. But they are changeable. They are breakable. They are not permanent. The power of my belief in the power of my beliefs was a trying situation, and one that took up much of my time. What a relief it finally was to see the situation clearly. It broke the paralysis I’d placed on portions of my life because I became free to let the limiting beliefs go with ease, sometimes at will. Not that all my life is peaches and cream, by any means, and some of my old beliefs hold on with tenacity. But I’m learning, and some day I’ll break the belief that some of my old beliefs hold on with tenacity, and then I’ll breathe a final sigh of relief and be on my way.

Becoming Aware of Background Thought

It’s amazing how our background thoughts take over when we allow them to go unnoticed. For years we’ve bracketed our days within habits of thought that do us no justice. They’re the ones that quietly tell us how stupid our last decision was, but it’s nothing unusual, our stupid decisions are the norm; that we’re so tired we can’t possibly lead a productive day; that life sure is a bitch, just not much fun any more; that most people are not trustworthy; that, Oh, God, how are we going to get through another week on our job, let alone years? They’re the negative thoughts we accept as our right to think. They’re the ones that allow us to criticize others mentally when we’d die before we’d do it openly. They’re the ones we think about the “real” way we view ourselves and our foibles, when there is no way on earth we’d talk of such things to another soul. They’re the thoughts we express on the inside because we feel that’s where they’ll stay.

Wrong. None of our thoughts are hidden or secret. Our inner selves know them well, and build our next moments based upon them. These thoughts go unnoticed by us exactly because they are in background mode. While we’re writing the last line of our weekly report, waiting for our next customer to enter the store, lying on the beach in the heat of summer, flying the friendly skies between Los Angeles and Boston, lines of thought lazily float through our minds, no big deal. Well, yes they are, if what they’re creating isn’t to our liking or benefit.

Habits of thought take on other forms, also, and in some ways these may become more important to recognize. They direct large areas of our existence because they are patterns of thought about our life that go unnoticed simply because they are full-blown assumptions—and so hide within our everyday thinking unquestioned. For instance, what assumptions have you made about the condition of your aging body? Do you see yourself growing older and meeting the supposed diseases of the aged? Do you expect wrinkles by fifty? Do you assume loss of hearing will occur with age? Do you assume you have a high chance of diabetes because others in your family have the problem? Now, what are your habits of thought about your financial status, love life, opportunities, relationships, skills, school work, athletic abilities, etc., etc.?

Here’s a technique for becoming aware of your background thoughts. Every half hour or so stop what you’re doing and jot in your notebook what you can remember of your thinking since your last entry. Don’t spend great amounts of time trying to dredge up the thoughts; don’t worry, they’ll be back in some form if they are habitual enough. The important thing is to start to realize just how negative you can be without obvious awareness. Do this little exercise for a week and you’ll probably never go back to not consciously monitoring your thoughts. You’ll be so shocked at the end of your trial week that you’ll never let your inner chatter get so sloppy again.

Altering an Event Before It Enters Physical Reality

You have an appointment with your tax person; you expect the results to be depressing based on “facts” of which you are aware. You have been having conflicts with a co-worker; you know an altercation is imminent. Your car is in for service; you suspect the bill will be much higher than you can afford.

These probable events feel very solid to you because you have physical facts already in hand that suggest a definite outcome will manifest in your future. Sure, these events are still in the field of probabilities, but something tells you there’s a good chance of them entering your life. What to do? Change their outcome through imaging.

Once again create a fork in the road. But this time on the left, picture the scene as you think it might occur. Feel the depression, the fear, the feeling of helplessness, the anger that you expect will take place. See it in living color, with all its hopelessness—and then dissolve it. To the right visualize the scene or result that you want to create, and walk into it. Make sure you place yourself in the event. See the happiness on your FACE, the relief, the thankfulness that it turned out so well after all. Dwell on the great feeling of joy. Work the scene in your visualization until you feel very much at ease with its outcome. Then let it go until the next day when you will repeat the same scenario, and continue repeating it day after day until the modified event is met in time.

In some situations there’s not enough time to work through the longer suggestions mentioned here. What works well as an alternative is to quiet your mind as quickly as possible, and then concentrate only on the positive scene. Picture it clearly in your mind’s eye. See the FACEs of the participants break into smiles, picture everyone shaking hands. See a mist of understanding swirl around the people. Maybe have everyone get a hug or form a circle holding hands. The point is to project goodwill out into your future, so you can walk into it when the time comes.

It’s always more powerful to get to the beliefs that will cause the negative future scene to take place, before altering it with visualization. So it’s recommended that over a period of several days, if there is time, you apply yourself to belief work to discover why you’re in the distracting situation in the first place.

Altering the Body

Seth says, “You hypnotize your very nerves, and the cells within your body, for they will react as you expect them to react, and the beliefs of your conscious mind are followed in degree by all portions of the self down to the smallest atom and molecule. The large events of your life, your interactions with others, including the habitual workings of the most minute physical events within your body—all of this follows your conscious belief.”

Basically, the body is no more than an extension of the mind. There is much talk about the mind-body connection nowadays, but if we were to back up into consciousness, where nothing is yet solidified into matter, we’d see that the mind sets the body’s blue-print into motion, brings it to fruition at birth and cradles it as a physical extension of itself. But the body is always part of the mind. So, more accurately, it can be said that the body is an extension of the mind.

Another bout of semantics? Not when you’re attempting to heal a living organism which you think (hope?) can be influenced by the mind. Of course it can be! It is the mind, or a portion of it. You don’t have to be concerned one iota about the workings of the body in order to heal yourself. You don’t have to know medical terms, scientific theories, bone structure or virus movement. They are irrelevant to the healing process. All you have to do is work within the mind to make changes occur. In fact, that’s the only method of changing bodily conditions, of any sort. You make up your mind to bring change into your world, and you select your system of choice, be it conscious creation or Western medicine. Neither is superior to the other. After all, whatever stops the pain is the bottom line we seek.

Here’s a little aside, a very interesting one, I think. When we heal ourselves, what we’ve actually done is select a new probability in the moment and insert it into our past, and that probability is one where we had no physical problem. As a result, that healthy probability is met now, in our life. In other words, we really don’t move forward through time to reach a place of health; we simply select a probability that suits our present desires, insert it into the past—and in comes a healthy body.

So, one method of healing is this: See your body “backing up” through time to a scene where you were without today’s problem. Bring that person into clear focus, see the body at ease, with things on its mind other than health issues—because there are none in that probability. Now superimpose the past you over today’s you, and feel the vitality of that body seep into the moment, flooding your awareness, becoming your awareness. Hold that picture for as long as you can, then let it go for awhile. Do the same process several times throughout the day for as long as necessary.

You can also simply reject the illness condition from your reality. Say, “This is no longer an option,” and mean it; then get on with your day without fueling the problem through negative thoughts.

The visualizations for healing are endless, and rather well covered in many books on the market. You, however, are the director of your play, so it’s best you select the ingredients that feel right to you for your healing, and use them lavishly. Some people may want to go within the body to the point of pain, and work their mind magic on that specific area. Others may use focused light or energy, if they believe in those processes. It really doesn’t matter what you choose. Every single one of the techniques you can conjure up, from the intake of medicine to conscious visual manipulations, are all played out in your mind, anyway, and that’s where their success lies.

To end this section on the body, here’s an interesting thought. When does an illness actually start? For instance, my sister owns a delicatessen, and one of her workers was exposed to hepatitis. The health authorities said the incubation period for the virus was three weeks. So, after taking suggested precautions, my sister settled in to see what would happen to her worker. At the end of the waiting period, the worker did indeed test positive to the disease.

The question is, when did the creation of that illness happen? Did it start three weeks earlier, or did it happen in the spacious present, made to look like it conformed to the timetables of science? Was my sister’s employee stricken with a disease she could not easily escape because of its highly infectious nature, or did she mull over the decision on another level of consciousness, think about the repercussions in her life, and finally decide to actualize it in physicality?

Mind-Communicating With Your Inner Self

When I need an answer from my inner self, at times I want it immediately. I know it will show up in physical reality sooner or later once I ask for it, but sometimes sooner is better than later. So I’ve designed a technique for consciously getting a response quickly, and once again it involves my White Board. In the beginning days of developing my ability to listen for my inner self’s words, I’d go into a rather deep altered state of consciousness. Eventually I gravitated to using a light altered state, and now I’ll either use that state or simply quiet my mind while wide awake.

I’ll ask my question when I feel very still, and then picture my White Board. I make an effort to keep my mind clear of extraneous thoughts and emotion. To facilitate this, I see a fine mist being pushed from the center of the White Board in all directions, as though blown by a hose of air, leaving its surFACE sparkling clear. I’ll do this several times while I’m asking my question, and then I’ll stop all action and wait for a response.

Soon my answer will start to form on the White Board. It will be hazy at first, but then develop form rather quickly. It’s not like it’s magic-marker crisp, but usually it will have some substance, albeit nebulous at times. The sense of the word or words also comes through most of the time; that is, I hear my mind echoing the words as quiet far-away thoughts, while the image of the answer is still on the board.

If you’re new to using an approach such as this to talk to your inner self, I’d suggest you start with questions that require a yes/no answer. After a while, you’ll progress to requesting longer responses, but in the beginning it seems easier to start more simply. Actually, I seldom see answers in the form of long sentences on the board. I’m pretty good at yes/no responses to my questions, but I tend to “hear” the longer answers, seemingly coming from the lower right side of my mind as quiet far-away thoughts.

There’s a downside to this approach of direct communication. It’s rather easy for our mind to color what we’re hearing, based on different factors (the strength of our belief in the subject at hand, our emotions of the moment, our desire for a specific outcome, etc.). For instance, one time I asked for the percentage of probability that a certain event would occur. I got 95 percent. At first I was ecstatic, but then grew uneasy about the answer. It sounded almost too pat, too confident based on the situation. Stan and I’d been playing with probabilities and verifying their outcomes for awhile, and something didn’t jibe. The Committee later confirmed on the Ouija board that I had indeed colored the answer: It was actually 76 percent.

The most natural mode of communication, and the clearest in terms of undistorted information, comes through intuition, impulse and insight. We don’t have time to color the responses because we are not expecting them€¦and so do not set the stage to interfere with the answer. It’s true we may not receive as precise an answer as “76 percent,” but we will get a good sense of where we stand on the issue.

But I feel by exercising the inner senses through consciously requesting answers actually helps us develop our ability to hear and sense other forms of communication. And in spite of the potential distortions, I still get right-on responses much of the time. I finally decided that if I get a 95 percent, but question its validity, I’d just assume it to be correct and see what happens. Gee, what a concept.

A Psy-Time Exercise: Meeting Your Inner Self

There are other ways of directly communicating with our inner self. In fact, there are as many variations as there are people. One tool many use is meditation, or a deep altered state of consciousness. It’s called Psychological Time, or Psy-Time, and it’s one of the inner senses. Psy-Time is a bridge from the outer world to the inner world, and by using it we cut down the amount of time it takes to manifest whatever we desire because we’re extremely focused on our goal, with no extraneous activity to break our concentration. Therefore, our inner self hears our request loud and clear.

So, what we’re going to do now is a Psy-Time exercise, the purpose of which is to put us in conscious contact with our inner self. It’s designed to remove our focus from the day-to-day environment by going inward, and so assist us to more quickly manifest whatever it is we desire, from answers to material objects. Your task is to decide what it is you want to accomplish during this time and prepare yourself to present it to your inner self.

I used to do this specific exercise a lot, and I believe it helped set the stage for the emergence of the Committee on the Ouija board. Not that any preparation was necessary under certain conditions, but what the exercise did for me was to eventually change my belief into one that said direct communication was indeed possible.

For the first of the altered-state exercises offered in this book, the lead-in of relaxation and wrap-up of the return to normal consciousness will be included; they won’t be repeated with the rest of the exercises to relieve redundancy. In fact, the other exercises will be presented in a more informal text style than what’s presented below. You may want to put this meditation on audiotape for convenience sake.

We may have to repeat this type of exercise several to many times in order to achieve our goal, depending on what the goal is and how soon we’ll allow it to manifest. What you request may or may not show up in your reality immediately. Sometimes you might get the information as a thought or impression right away, but at times it may not come to you for several days. Just know it will show up sooner or later, though.

Sure, that newspaper article you happen to read that answers the question posed to your inner self is a coincidence. Surely the words to a song long forgotten that spring to mind—and happen to hold the solution you requested in Psy-Time—is a coincidence. Yeah, and your dream two nights after meditation, the one that outlined the direction you sought, was a coincidence, too.

Well, here’s to many wonderful coincidences!

Just let your eyelids close, and rest…

let all your facial muscles relax…

take a deep breath and hold it…

count from one to three

and then let out the breath…

and let€¦your€¦body relax

Just let your body sink down and relax…

relaxing…just letting go…

Let yourself feel the peace and tranquillity

that is all around you…that is within…

Just relaxing…letting go…

taking another deep breath

and slowly letting it out…

Feel that comfortable€¦peaceful€¦tranquil

state of mind and body…

Listen gently to the distant sound of the waves…

and let your mind…drift…and flow…

with the distant…sound of the waves€¦

Now picture yourself sitting

in a large, peaceful room,

comfortable with your surroundings,

feeling great contentment€¦

Slowly, very slowly, arise from your chair

and start walking across the room…

Feel your feet press against the floor€¦

Reach out and touch a lovely pink rose

in a black vase halfway to the door

you are heading toward

See the intensity of its color…

feel the softness of a petal

As you resume your slow walk,

know that on the other side of that door

is the special place in the universe

where all begins€¦know it as home

Know it as the place where your inner self resides

Know that when you open the door

you will see an infinity of velvet black softness

studded with tiny glittering sparks of light

with softly muted wisps of color

gently swirling about€¦

Now let these words become your words€¦

My mind is quieting

My mind is quieting

as I walk to the threshold

of the universe

As I open the door

and step from my room

of conscious thought

into the place where all begins,

I feel the comfort and

peacefulness of home surround me

A bright white light is moving

toward me, growing in

brilliance as it approaches

I welcome it with joy and awe

I open my arms to the

light of universal love

It surrounds me€¦

I absorb the light€¦

I become the light€¦

Free of my body I am one with

my inner self…

I am filled with joy and expectation!


Now tell your inner self

what it is you came for

Listen to what it says to you,

watch for movement, color, impressions

Intuitively feel and hear the response from

your inner self to your need or desire

(note: give yourself five to twenty minutes of quiet time here)

Now let go of the question

let go of the thought…

let go of the thinking

Just let go and relax…just relax

And know without a doubt

that you have started the creative process

of manifesting whatever it is

you have discussed with your inner self…

Know, know that you are the creator

of all success…and your inner self

is your constant adviser

Know also that you have now opened

intuitive channels between you and

your inner self, channels you can

now develop with ease

Coming back…coming back now…

Feel yourself coming back now…

Gently€¦easily€¦coming back…

Begin to feel the physical body…

Feel the physical body…

Get a sense of it…

And then, on the count of three

your eyes will open and you will be

wide awake, feeling relaxed

comfortable and refreshed in every way…

remembering all that you have

experienced with your inner self…


Flexing Our Inner Senses

The inner senses are channels that provide communication between various dimensions of existence, and it is up to us to apply our minds to using them. What we have been doing throughout this section is not only to build awareness of our inner senses, but to learn to consciously use them to our advantage. They are there for us, whether we know it or not and for whatever purpose we request.

Processes, programs, techniques and exercises are all excellent tools for flexing the muscles of our inner senses, but that’s all they are. They’re temporary assists, but they’re not mandatory. Some day none of us will need such things because we will have outgrown their helpfulness. We’ll be so sure of our spot in simultaneous time and all it implies, and so comfortable with our creative power and ability to use our inner senses naturally, that we’ll move through life without having to give a single thought to using boosters. But for now, they’re very welcomed and appreciated.

© 1995 Lynda M. Dahl. Used by permission of Moment Point Press, Inc.

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