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Seth on the Speakers

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Here’s an quote from Conversations with Seth, vol. 2 by Susan Watkins:

“According to passages in Seth Speaks (and within the story of Oversoul 7) the Speakers are teachers, both physical and nonphysical, who have helped humankind throughout the centuries, especially in remembering the ‘inner realizations that would take [Mankind] both within and without the physical world that he knew.’ Speakers also communicate on other than physical levels, according to Seth, with ‘much of the most pertinent information . . . memorized by trainees during the dream condition, and passed on in the same manner… Some Speakers confine their abilities to the dream state; and, waking, are largely unconscious of their own abilities or experience’.” (From Seth Speaks, pp. 287-90.)

Also, one of my favorite passages from the first OS7 book, The Education of Oversoul Seven (which has the following dedication: Dedicated to The Speakers In all “Times” and to Those Who Recognize the Sumari Songs), is the dream tribunal.

Here’s some excerpts from that book:

“We’re called Speakers because we try to speak inner knowledge,” Sumpter said softly. “Often we put it into words for people who need them. But otherwise we free ourselves from words. The people in the world you came from are just beginning a long journey into discovery. We came here to help them because that’s our purpose.” – Chap. 16

(Sumpter is around eight feet tall if memory serves and lives in a hidden city that bear an eerie similarity in feeling tone to Seth/Jane’s inner city from ESP class.)

Here’s another:

The Speakers’ bodies were all sleeping, men, women, and children alike. But the Speakers themselves were up and about. The adults would soon be heading for the Dream Tribunal, having just finished the childrens’ nightly dream training; and the children were playing. Groups of them went rushing by, playing tag, and Sumpter grinned indulgently as he watched. The children ran laughing and shouting in their dream bodies- straight through trees-usually the biggest ones they could find, emerging gleefully on the other side. Their games reminded him of his own early training: the joy of learning to use the dream body and the great freedom of discarding the physical one. Then, of course, there was the contrast, equally delightful, of slipping back into the physical form. As children, they used to compare the two bodies for hours at a time.

He found Ma-ah at the courtyard as usual. He approached slowly, calling out when he was some distance away. She still had some difficulty in controlling her consciousness when she was out of her body, and he didn’t want to startle her.

“Who is it?” she asked, turning,

“Sumpter.” – Chap. 19

Later on during the Dream Tribunal:

‘Will I remember any of this in the morning?” she [Ma-ah] asked. “Anyway, do you think I will? I’m getting better. During the day bits and pieces of our dream activities keep returning.”

“I hope you will,” Sumpter said. ‘Tonight’s Tribunal is very important, and I’ve tried to prepare you for it.”

They were nearly at their- destination. The robed Speakers were congregating in a small natural cup of the valley. Seeing them, Ma-ah said, “They’re part of my dream, then?”

“What’s happening now is an event. A dream event is as real as a so called waking one. You know that.”

Ma-ah nodded; but the colorful robes of the Speakers blended with the landscape, and now and then one of the figures would disappear, then reemerge. She shook her head, and blinked.

“Your consciousness is fluctuating,” Sumpter cautioned. “Remember what you learned a few nights ago. Get the feel of your consciousness again. Mentally swing it around until this entire scene comes into clear focus. Then hold it.” – Chap. 19

P.S. OS7 is understood to also be a Speaker, but is one-made-of-many (an inner ego or inner self, see earlier post to Cecil). So Speakers are multidimensional in intent also, appearing at various “layers” of consciousness.

Here’s some info from Seth Speak which has the mother lode of info:

“The methods, the secret methods behind all of the religions, were meant to lead man into a realm of understanding that existed apart from the symbols and the stories, into inner realizations that would take him both within and without the physical world that he knew. There are many manuscripts still not discovered, from old monasteries particularly in Spain, that tell of underground groups within religious orders who kept these secrets alive when other monks were copying old Latin manuscripts.

“There were tribes who never learned to write in Africa and Australia who also knew these secrets, and men called ‘Speakers’ who memorized them and spread them upward, even throughout northern portions of Europe, before the time of Christ.

(“Could you give a copy of one of those Speaker manuscripts in dictation?”)

“It is possible, and would take much time and excellent circumstances.

(“Well, naturally I’d like to see it sometime.”)

“Offhand, the work involved could take five years for there were several versions, and a group of leaders, each going in different directions, who taught their people. The world was far more ripe for Christianity than people suppose, because of these groups. The ideas were ‘buried’ already throughout Europe.

“Many important concepts were lost, however. The emphasis was on practicalmethods of living — quite simply — rules that could be understood, but the reasons for them were forgotten.

“The Druids obtained some of their concepts from Speakers. So did the Egyptians. The Speakers predated the emergence of any religions that you know, and the religions of the Speakers arose spontaneously in many scattered areas, then grew like wildfire from the heart of Africa and Australia. There was one separate group in an area where the Aztecs dwelled at a later date, though the land mass was somewhat different then, and some of the lower cave dwellings at times were under water.

“Various bands of the Speakers continued through the centuries. Because they were trained so well, the messages retained their authenticity. They believed, however, that it was wrong to set words into written form, and so did not record them. They also used natural earth symbols, but clearly understood the reasons for this. The Speakers, singly, existed in your Stone Age period, and were leaders. Their abilities helped the cavemen survive. There was little physical communication, however, In those days between the various Speakers, and some were unaware of the existence of the others.

Their message was s ‘pure’ and undistorted as possible. It was for this reason however, through the centuries, that many who heard it translated it into parables and tales. Now, strong portions of Jewish scriptures carry traces of the message of these early Speakers, but even here, distortions have hidden the messages.” – session 568

Finally, some unpublished material from E.S.P. CLASS – 4/3/73:

Jane related an experience she had had on Monday, April 2, and read to the class some of the material she had written as a result. She told of having read portions of Emerson’s essays prior to this experience, and felt that there was a correlation between the essays, the experience, and previous material concerning Speakers. As class was discussing this, Seth came through with a long Sumari song. Don commented on viewing a landscape and experiencing an unfolding, realizing he was not alone, and felt an incredible sense of well-being.

Seth: “Our friend has finally accepted his own ‘Speakerhood.’ And so each of you are Speakers, and I am an ancient Speaker. Yet all ancient Speakers must be new Speakers, and they change their tune with the times – as the leaves in their own way change their tune with times, and with the winds that blow through their seasons. And each of you speaks without knowing that you speak, and you speak the leaves into being, and you cause the mountains to grow, and you speak without realizing that you speak. And in your speaking, you form your physical images and the worlds that you know. And in speaking for yourselves in such a way, you do indeed speak for those who in your terms are tongueless.

“But true speech does not need the tongue, and true sound does not know vowels or syllables. And yet always you must speak, for you must attempt to speak the unspeakable, and therefore bring into your reality that which you cannot hold, and grasp that which you cannot grasp. And yet, in that way do you approach that which you cannot approach, and you cannot approach it because you are what you are trying to approach.

“And each of you, in your way, is a Speaker.”

(That last sentence is MOST important. Though it was spoken to the group in class, it also applies to ANYONE who feels that irresistible draw to Seth/Jane’s work!)

E.S.P. CLASS – 5/1/73:

“The Speakers speak in many ways – through cobwebs, and flowers, and toes! They speak through you. And when you are led beyond words, AND WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THOROUGHLY WHAT I AM TRYING TO TELL YOU, you will look inward to yourself with as much attention as you are giving me now, and you will find in that direction, new questions that are your stepping stones to other answers. And they are all diagrams that you make for yourself – frameworks through which you interpret your experience.

“For I tell you again (loudly and emphatically) that if you listened to yourselves with as much attention as you grant to me, then within yourselves would you sense and feel that energy that is your own and know that your own existence is the answer to your questions!

“So smile upon yourselves, as you smile at me.

“And before we close, here is, for you, an ‘inner smile song’.”

(Presumably Jane sang a Sumari song at this point. I checked and this one is not yet available from Rick Stack’s New Awareness Network tape/CD series. Hopefully it will be!)

E.S.P. Class – 1/21/75:

Sandi: “I want to know the difference between Sumari and Speakers.

To Sandi: “There can be Sumari Speakers, but all Speakers are not Sumari. And I wish all questions were that simple to answer!”

Speaking to a list of Speakers, one and all,

Paul 🙂

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