Your Life Begins When You Know Its Purpose

UFOs and Seth’s “Observations”

By Mark M. Giese

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Introduction for the year 2003

This article was written in December of 1985, nearly 20 years ago. Further UFO-related Seth material has been published since then.

Also since then, the sexual aspects of many (most?) alien abductions and an apparent alien-human cross-breeding program have been uncovered by UFO investigators and become well known to a good deal of the interested public.

I append some material reflecting these developments after the original article. (Part 2)


Reprinted from Spring ‘86 Reality Change

If we can take Seth’s word for it, and most of us “Sethniks” are probably willing to do so, then UFOs do exist. For the purpose of this article, however, let me qualify the term “UFO.”

Properly speaking, “UFO” means simply “unidentified flying object.” An insufficiently identified weather balloon, then, can be properly termed a “UFO” until such time as its identification becomes certain. However, insofar as UFOs are suspected to be craft piloted by aliens, the term “UFO” has often come to be used to imply “alien craft.” Even our dear Seth uses the term in this fashion – and so do I in this article.

Our dear Seth, as published, has not expounded on UFOs at great length, for as Seth-book annotator Rob Butts indicates in Appendix 20 of The “Unknown” Reality, II, “Seth hasn’t often talked about UFOs….” Rob goes on to point out in his Notes for Appendix 20 that the session reproduced there, the previously unpublished 16th session for January 15, 1964, “still contains Seth-Jane’s longest delivery on such craft.” (It’s only about three pages in length.)

Not only has Seth not expounded at great length on UFOs, but in the aforementioned session he even admits (in regard to the inhabitants of those planes or realities where he says some UFOs originate) that, “I am not very much acquainted with them myself.” So we see, at least as regards UFOs, Seth is not omniscient.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding UFOs is Seth’s insistence in Session 743 of The “Unknown” Reality, II, that more important questions than those pertaining to such things as Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, and the like “are those pertaining to the unknown reality…of the psyche. So perhaps I shouldn’t even bother writing all this (but it’s still fun, so I will).

He goes on to declare: “You cannot understand perceived events unless you understand who perceives them. You must learn more about the slant of your own consciousness before you are in a position to ask truly pertinent questions about the reality you perceive.”

Furthermore, in the same session he says, “Until you ask deeper questions about yourselves, these other experiences [such as UFO sightings] will remain mysterious.”

Finally, Seth explains that, when he does “consider those and other such matters [Atlantis, UFOs, and so forth], it will be from a much different perspective. By then you – my readers – will be familiar enough with the unknown reality to understand answers given in a different context.”

Seth says these things in an overall context which implies that a typical book on, say, UFOs would not give very good answers to the UFO enigma. Unfortunately, with the death of Jane, we apparently won’t get a “full explanation” of UFO phenomena from Seth. All I can do here is to examine the little Seth has said on UFOs and, at best, “read between the lines” for any answers not directly given.

First of all, as Rob explains at the start of Appendix 20 to The “Unknown” Reality, II; Seth “thinks they [UFOs] have various states of origin.” Indeed, the extant Seth material bearing on same would indicate so. I feel the Seth material supports at least four “sources” or origins of UFOs:

1) extraterrestrial (i.e., originating from another planet in our physical universe);

2) extradimensional (i.e., originating in another plane or reality);

3) extrachronological (i.e., originating in the past or future relative to our present);

4) psychic (i.e., originating out of one’s own psyche).

(By the way, it is interesting to note that various UFOlogists have proposed one or more of the above origins to explain where UFOs might come from.)

Starting with Case 1, then – the extraterrestrial case – what passages out of the Seth material support this case? While I am not aware of any direct, extant Seth statement supporting the extraterrestrial origin of some UFOs, I feel that there is implicit support for this case in some of Seth’s remarks.

First of all, there is the intriguing statement in the Appendix to Seth Speaks, Session 558, wherein Seth is giving Ron B. “some past-life information that has to do with Speakers and an ancient code of ethics” that “originated from the time of Atlantis.” Seth says, “Before that, these codes were given by a race from another star. This race had to do with the origin of Atlantis.”

Here, then, is an allusion to an extraterrestrial race – or “ancient astronauts,” if you prefer – that came to earth during Atlantean times (whenever that was) and bequeathed to the inhabitants, among other things, a code of ethics.

At the beginning of Chapter 15 of Seth Speaks, wherein he discusses “reincarnational civilizations,” he talks of civilizations previous to our own – and previous to the time of Atlantis. (We’re talking some time ago, let me tell you!) He states that “groups of people in various cycles of reincarnational activity…have come to your point of physical development and have either gone beyond it, or destroyed their particular civilization.”

Some of these civilizations, “solving the problems, left their physical planet for other points in the physical universe…Earth to them now is the legendary home. They formed new races and species that could no longer physically accommodate themselves to your atmospheric conditions.”

The reason I bring all this up in regard to UFOs is to point that, if these peoples could leave the earth for “other points the physical universe,” they could conceivably return if they have a mind to. Sort of a “what goes up, ‘must’ come down” line of reasoning. If some of these “new races and species” have paid or are paying return visits to earth, then perhaps they can be held accountable for some of our sightings of odd objects in the sky (UFOs). If so, then some of our UFO visitors are not as alien as we think and in fact share a common ancestry with us at some distant point in the past.

I feel that the bizarre case of Antonio Villas-Boas – a sort close encounter of the sexual kind – is worth discussing. According to Gordon Creighton in the book The Humanoids, Mr. Villas-Boas, a twenty-three-year-old Brazilian farmer, says that he was out plowing one night back in October of 1957 when he was forcibly taken aboard a luminous, egg-shaped craft that had set down right in front of his tractor. His abductors were humanoids wearing tight-fitting gray coveralls and helmets.

He goes on to claim that, once aboard the craft, he was stripped naked and sponged all over with a clear liquid, a blood sample was taken from his chin, and then he was left alone in a room empty except for a type of couch. After that, the room to fill with a gray smoke that dissolved into the air. Villas-Boas says he felt both nauseated and as though he was being suffocated. He vomited, and subsequently found his breathing was easier. A little while later, a door opened, and in walked a naked woman! The woman had large, blue eyes, white skin with freckles on her arms, and fair, almost white hair except that her underarm and pubic hair were blood red. What happened next was that, in short, she approached Villas-Boas and seduced him. Villas-Boas reports that, before leaving, the woman pointed to her belly, then to him, and then toward the sky.

The reason I mention this very bizarre case is not to titillate, but because, if true, it has elements in it that harmonize with Seth’s contention that the peoples of some past civilizations left our physical planet for other points in the physical universe and formed new races and species that could no longer accommodate themselves to our atmospheric conditions. (To his credit, medical examinations of Villas-Boas revealed scarification on his chin and symptoms corresponding to radiation poisoning; repeated interrogations failed to turn up significant changes in his story.)

The elements of the Villas-Boas story that could be construed as supporting Seth’s contention are the fact that the alien creatures all wore suits and helmets until the room he was left in was filled with a dissolving, nauseating “gray smoke” (atmospheric “conditions”?) and a woman walked in wearing nothing.

Further, what would be the point (barring a bad case of other-worldly horniness!) of sexual intercourse between an alien and a human if there weren’t some degree of body compatibility? This would imply that the alien involved here wasn’t as alien as might at first be supposed. Finally, “extraterrestrialness” is indicated by the woman’s act of pointing up at the sky, which is where, by the way, her luminous, egg-shaped craft came from!

An aside for those tempted to laugh off the Villas-Boas story (please muffle your guffaws slightly) is the late-breaking news reported in the November 1985 Mutual UFO Network Journal by Budd Hopkins, author of Missing Time, that a number of UFO abduction cases still under investigation imply abduction events similar to those that went on in the Villas-Boas case. Antonio may not be alone!

I close this section dealing with extraterrestrial UFOs by noting that “dead” William James in The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher by Ms. Roberts (entries 5/16 and 5/17/1977) supports some of Seth’s contentions when he speaks of “dialogs” with philosophers from “other civilizations upon earth’s planet…now lost to the world’s history.” In a “dialog” with one such philosopher, James is “shown” images of “a spaceship dipping in deep space from planet to planet” like “insects flying from plant to plant.” He is then “told”: “As bees leave one flower for another, we left one planet for another.”

Again, I maintain that “what went up, could conceivably come back down”!

Moving on now to Case 2, the extradimensional possibility, we find support for this in the ESP class session of 1/12/71 (Seth Speaks, Appendix) and in the aforementioned 1/15/64 material (The “Unknown” Reality, II, Appendix 20). According to the 1/12/71 material, the means by which interdimensional “travel” takes place is that the pulsating nature of atoms from the alien plane or reality is changed or distorted enough for them to appear in our reality. What we see, however – a craft, for example – is not necessarily what is actually there, but is partly our “interpretation of the event that is actually occurring.”

For example, in the 1/15/64 material, Seth says to “hold in mind that the saucer or cigar shape [often] seen on your planet is a bastard form having little relation to the structure as it is at home base…. The earthly viewer attempts to correlate what he sees with what he supposedly knows or imagines possible in the universe.

“What he sees is something between a horse and dog, that resembles neither. The flying saucer retains what it can of its original structure and changes what it must. This accounts for many of the conflicting reports as to shape, size, and color. The few times the craft shoots off at right angles, it has managed to retain functions ordinary to it in its particular habitat.”

Unlike the extraterrestrial case where, I feel, Seth’s support is implicit, Seth in the 1/15/64 material comes right out and says regarding interdimensional travel: “I am quite sure – I know for a fact – that beings from other planes have appeared among you, sometimes on purpose and sometimes completely by accident. As in some cases humans have quite accidentally blundered through the apparent curtain between your present and your past, so have beings blundered into the apparent division between one plane and another. Usually when they have done so they were invisible on your plane, as the few of you who fell into the past, or the apparent past, were invisible to the people of the past.”

In the same vein, he asserts in the 1/12/71 ESP Class material that “Our friend back here could well appear, you see, as a UFO in another aspect of reality, and frighten the inhabitants. You forget that consciousness is the only true vehicle.”

Finally, regarding interdimensional travel based upon distorting the pulsating nature of atoms and molecules, Seth cautions in the 1/12/71 material that “I am speaking of only certain cases, where you have
visitors from other realities.” That statement implies that there are other cases.

We have covered the extraterrestrial case and now the extradimensional one. Before moving on, however, I’d just like to point out that the “dead” William James also apparently alludes to interdimensional (or does he mean interplanetary?) travel in his statement in Jane’s Afterdeath Journal, 5/16/77, when he says, “Some visitors to earth have learned to ‘change their language’…appearing as much like men as possible in order to examine and understand the physical world.”

Hmm, aliens disguised as men. Strong stuff….

Now we are at Case 3, the extrachronological possibility. Here, unless readers know of others, I can offer only this single Seth statement, which is from The “Unknown” Reality, II, Session 713: “Some reported instances of UFOs happened in the past as far as the visitors were concerned, but appeared as images or realities in your present. This involves craft sightings only.”

This statement is literally a parenthetical one. (With parentheses or no, Seth is good at making parenthetical statements that, for me anyway, beg further explanation. Perhaps I could write another article on “Seth’s Famous Parenthetical Statements of Intrigue and Wonder!”)

Reading between the lines of Seth’s provocative, parenthetical assertion, we can safely(?) deduce one thing from it: that, if beings are seen, then it (the UFO) is not a case of extrachronological origin. I gather this from the second sentence, in which Seth says, “This involves craft sightings only.”

And now we are to Case 4, UFOs that are psychic in origin. The best example of this appears in Conversations with Seth, I, Chap. 6. Susan M. Watkins, the authoress of the tome, relates her sighting in her teen years, along with her friend Evelyn, of a UFO that resembled a blue and yellow Silly-Putty container. When asked about it years later, Seth declared that “It has a connection – before you ask anything else – with an event in what you think of as the future, and some of your future comprehension had to do with the way you perceived that particular event in your past.”

Seth wasn’t particularly definitive, adding only that “in a way, it was a sign sent from a future self into the past” and that, because Ms. Watkins’ friend Evelyn had also seen this “sign,” it concerned her as

Ms. Watkins said they’d never found anyone else who’d seen it. I think it’s notable that this “sign” sent from a future self into the past was also seen by Ms. Watkin’s friend Evelyn. This fact gives rise to all sorts of questions, such as: Would anyone else have been able to see it had they been with Ms. Watkins and her friend? Are Ms. Watkins and her friend psychically connected? Are they counterparts, the “future self” being, perhaps common to them both, just as Rob Butts and an ESP class member “shared” psychic memories of a Roman past life? (Cf. The “Unknown” Reality, II, Appendix 22.)

Further, the impression Ms. Watkins gives in describing the sighting is that the object appeared physical. She even compared it to a Silly-Putty container. Yet, per Seth, it is “merely” and roughly speaking a “sign” sent from a future self into the past! How “real,” then, can psychic things appear? Apparently fully “real” – and I realize that in a way our own “real,” physical bodies are ultimately “only” psychic projections.

Some additional material relating to UFOs of the psyche can be found in Jane Roberts’ books Adventures in Consciousness (Chap. 16) and Psychic Politics, in which she mentions getting calls and letters from people who felt they’d seen UFOs and, subsequent to their sightings, had begun to have out-of-bodies, do automatic writing, hear voices, and the like.

Sometimes these communications from the beyond purported to be from aliens, and their content was along the lines of saving the world. Ms. Roberts implies that not many of these experiences were, in her opinion, alien contact but were more along the lines of “creations of the psyche, symbolic representations standing for something else, meant to lead [the perceiver] to other questions (Psychic Politics, Chap. 22).

(This way of looking at certain UFO sightings seems to me somewhat Jungian. Jung wrote a book entitled Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky, in which he puts forth the view that UFOs are psychic in nature. On the other hand, Seth is not in general a big Jung fan – judging by his occasional remarks about Jung and his one-time mentor, Freud [The “Unknown” Reality, II, Appendix 18, Note 17]).

Perhaps I should really declare a Case 5 for UFO origination, this being a “mix ‘em/match ‘em” of the other four. These statements by Seth from The “Unknown” Reality, II, are evocative of such a mix-match scheme:

From Session 712: “There are intelligent beings outside of your own galaxy ‘adjacent’ to you. Theoretically, you can visit them with some vast improvements in your technology, but great amounts of time would be involved. Others have visited your own planet in that particular fashion.”

From Note 4 for Session 712: “It is very possible that you might end up in what you intend as a space venture only to discover that you have ‘traveled’ to another plane [probability]. But at first you will not know the difference.”

From Session 713: “True space travel would of course be time-space travel, in which you learned how to use points in your own universe as ‘dimensional clues’ that would serve as entry points into other worlds.”

Intelligent beings “adjacent” to us but requiring great amounts of time for us to visit them? (By “adjacent,” does he mean a neighboring galaxy in space or something else?) Space ventures that would put one into
another probability? True space travel as time-space travel? These concepts boggle the mind. There are more as well, but wishing to wrap things up, I’ll move on.

Before I close, I’d just like to compare with some of Seth’s statements those made to alleged abductee Betty Andreasson by apparent aliens.

From age 7 on up (her current age is about 48 [in 1985]), Betty Andreasson was allegedly abducted by aliens several times in her life. These “adventures,” if you can call them that, are recorded in the books
The Andreasson Affair and The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two, both by Raymond Fowler. [I believe by 2003 one or two further volumes resulted.]

Generally, Betty became aware of these abduction experiences only via hypnotic regression. During the experiences, various things happened to her. She was taken places, and at times medical-type procedures were performed on her by the aliens.

Here are some passages of “alien talk” and some comparable “Seth talk”:

Aliens: “Man must understand many of the natural things upon earth. If man will just study nature itself, he will find many of the answers that he seeks.” Seth: “There are ways of identifying with animals, with atoms and molecules. There are ways of learning from the animals. (The “Unknown” Reality, I, Session 701). Plus the famous Seth statement: “You can learn more from watching the animals than you can from a guru or a minister – or from reading my book” (The Nature of Personal Reality, Chap. 11, Session 642).

Aliens: “[Man] too is nature…but man has separated himself. He has become dual. Separation, duality. He has formed that other side. He has made it to happen. It was all good at one time. Even his choice was good at one time. He has separated it. In love there is no separation.” Seth: “An exterior separation had to occur for a while, in which consciousness forgot, egotistically speaking, that it was a part of nature, and pretended to be apart. It was known, however, that this procedure would only go so far… Then the true flowering of humanity’s consciousness could begin” (The “Unknown” Reality, I, Session 687).

The aliens: “Try to understand yourselves. Seek spiritually.” Seth: “until you ask deeper questions about yourselves, these [UFO and other enigmatic] experiences will remain mysterious…. You must learn more about the slant of your own consciousness before you are in a position to ask truly pertinent questions…” (The “Unknown” Reality, II, Session 743).

I relate all this because I am puzzled. (I guess I, for one, gotta learn more about the slant of my own consciousness!) These aliens spout off a lot of “Sethisms” yet perform medical-type procedures on poor Betty (such as taking out one of her eyeballs(!), shoving little bits of something into her at the base of her spine, etc.) without her conscious consent.

The very act of abduction, which when relived under hypnotic regression is a traumatic enough experience in and of itself strikes me as a violation! This is a loving technology?! Seth lambastes our scientists’ treatment of laboratory animals for the sake of scientific “learning” (The “Unknown” Reality, I, Session 701), and here these “Sethian”-spouting aliens practice an apparent hyper-science on poor,
unwitting, “guinea-pig” Betty Andreasson!

I want to know more. Any reader with a UFO tale to tell will find me “all ears.” In the meantime, with respect to the query, “Are UFOs real and where do they come from?” the answer, per Seth, appears to be that UFOs do exist and that they come from “everywhere”!

Nine years after originally writing this story, Mark Giese is still interested in UFOs and in talking with others who are.


Letters to the Editor

More UFO quotes

To the Editor:

It was nice to see my Seth/UFO article reprinted in the Fall 1995 RC.

Since I wrote the article before Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment and Seth, Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness were published, I would like this letter to serve as a post-script to my article since UFO/space travel were mentioned – briefly – in these books.

In session 918 in Vol. 2 of Dreams, “Evolution”…, Seth speaks of “inner passageways throughout the universe” and that, “At times your species has traveled those passageways….” He also says flat out in that same session, “…your ancestors have visited other stars, as your planet has been visited by others.” These passageways can get the traveler of same “through the universe’s otherwise time-structured ways.”

I find this material to be particularly evocative because one of the criticisms of the idea that some UFOs may come from other star systems is the “fact” that even at the speed of light it would take such visitors
years to get here. If I understand what Seth is saying concerning these “passageways,” then it’s perhaps “not so!” to this criticism.

Also in the same book, Session 934, Seth states, “…on at least some occasions your… ‘visitors from outer space’ are dream travelers from other dimensions of reality.”

In Seth, Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness, Chapter 5, there is other material, much of which was previously published in Appendix 20 of Vol. 2 of The “Unknown” Reality, albeit with some slight word changes.

That’s it, as far as I know, from Seth.

–Mark M Giese, Racine, WI


From: Mark M Giese []

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2003 5:47 PM


Subject: [Sethnet] UFOs AND SETH’S “OBSERVATIONS” – Part 2

Postscript, December 2003:

Published earlier this year, were Volumes 1 and 2 of The Personal Sessions, much of which concern Jane’s health struggles, her relationship with Rob, etc.

But also in them was the blockbuster, post-Seth Speaks Session 604 of January 12, 1972. One wonders why Rob did not see fit to quote from it in the lengthy appendix on “evolution” he later compiled for The “Unknown” Reality, II or for the appendix on UFOs in the same book.

Forget the aliens-made-us-from-them-plus-earth-apes stuff. If I understand the Session 604, humans exist through-out the universe.

The following quotes from Session 604 might help explain why humans often seem to be working in tandem with grey aliens and/or the blonde, “Nordic” aliens, or simply why the occupants of some UFO craft simply appear to be completely human.

“Now, your human stock did not all originate solely from your planet. I never told you that it did. In that respect your ancestry is indeed varied. Some of the information given in my own book, by inference,
should have made that clear.”

(My speculative guess is that Earth native stock are the blacks. But I’ll stand corrected!

(Also note: “[humans were] living at the same time as those creatures supposed to be man’s evolutionary ancestors.” – Seth, Session 796, The Nature of the Psyche “The theory of evolution is an imaginative construct.” – The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 829. And Seth saying in Seth Speaks, Session 582, that “…the theory of evolution is as beautiful a tale as the theory of the Biblical creation…. Both … cannot be realities…. [Darwin’s theory] has no real validity. Consciousness does indeed evolve form. Form does not evolve consciousness…. Complicated physical forms are not the result of previous simple ones.”)

“Basically – in your terms now – there is no such thing as an isolated, independent earth stock, in that consciousness did not suddenly erupt from the physical behavior or characteristics of your planet, or in any

“As you know, consciousness comes first, and then forms the physical materializations of it. Those consciousnesses who picked physical materialization choose to operate under certain conditions that then appear as the natural characteristics of a species to you.

“Consciousness is not local, and it never was.”

(Incidentally, “futurist” people that hold the idea that we can eventually leave this planet for others in the event we trash Earth, may be in for a surprise. My hunch is that we’d find other habitable worlds already inhabited just like Columbus found with the “New World.” Sorry, no vacancy!)

“Your own relative isolation [from open alien contact] is far from the average. The legends, many of them, therefore, were of course chronicles of quite legitimate physical events, describing phenomena for example for which natives had no adequate vocabulary. They were forced to describe what they saw by making comparisons with objects and events already familiar to them.

“Some such visitors, in your terms, were more evolved than others. All, however, would appear as superhuman in contrast to those civilizations that encountered them. There were some deliberate experiments, that were in fact far more dangerous to the experimenters, always in which the experimenters tried, in one way or another, tired to advance man’s knowledge.

“It is not nearly as simple as that, however. There is not a one-line development. By the time that feasible inter-system space travel is practical, the psychic abilities are developed to a very high degree. One is necessary for the other. Therefore, it became much more feasible to approach earthmen during their dream state, when their natural fear reactions were somewhat minimized, and where the danger to the visitors was far less.

“The Olympic gods were perhaps the most amusing of man’s attempt to deify space travelers. Mixed in here strongly were the ideas of gods mating with earth women.”

News item:


“Australian researcher Bill Chalker has reported what may be the world’s first DNA test of abduction-related biological material.

“Australian abductee Peter Khoury had a strange encounter [in his bedroom; they tried to have sex with him] with two female beings in 1992, after which he recovered an odd strand of hair [tightly wrapped around his penis!] which was later DNA tested.

“The intriguing results [a rather unusual genome] raise many questions about the physical nature of abduction and illustrate the need for more intensive scientific research on this worldwide mystery. The full case report was published in the Spring 1999 International UFO Reporter by the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).”

June 16, 1999 – CNI News, Vol. 5, No. 8

(Maybe the not-all-earth-stock Seth remark about us humans explains why there are some oddball languages that don’t appear to be related to any others. I believe Basque is one such language. Or in the case of Basque and the others, these languages, or some of them, may be holdovers from “Atlantis” or before.

(“Basques, a people whose homeland [is near] the westernmost Pyrenees…

(“The Basques are regarded as the mystery people of Europe because their origins are uncertain.

(“The Basque language provides the most striking evidence of the uniqueness of the Basques. Linguists classify it as the sole known representative of its own language family.

(“Serological studies disclose a genetic profile of the Basque population that is quite unlike that of neighboring people.”

(from Encyclopedia Americana, 1991

(Speculatively add some Seth: To wit: Seth mentions the Pyrenees mountains two times in Session 563 of Seth Speaks in relation to his asserted “Lumanian” pre-Atlantean civilization which our history fails to record (since it’s “prehistoric”).

On the deification of aliens:

I personally feel many, maybe even most, of the current abductions of humans by aliens is violative in that humans do not generally give their conscious consent; for instance, non-consensual sex is rape, as we all agree, and it’s hard not to see rape as being a violation.

Many feel the abducting aliens, sometimes thought to originate from Zeta-Reticuli, really have our best interests at heart. Maybe so, but to assume they do, Zetas-know-best-style (genetic messing and all), to just assume they are really being accurately channeled and, if so, are telling the truth, is – to me – a subtle form of alien deification in contemporary terms.

I think some abductions are fully physical as opposed to “astral” or “etheric.”

Children, for instance, have gone missing for a couple hours or even a couple days with frantic parents trying to find them, calling the police and everything. Parental rights violated!

(See 24-Nov-2003)

And we are now recovering implants. (See the work of Dr. Roger Leir in the Dec. 2003 MUFON UFO Journal and The Aliens and the Scalpel et al. and

If Seth is right about genes, then the abducting, cross-breeding aliens are pursuing a dead end:

“Consciousness forms the genes and not the other way around.” – The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 827

“In the terms of evolution as you like to think of it, ideas are more important than genes.” Dreams. “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Sess 919.

A lot of the hybrid babies are reported as seeming sickly. Maybe that’s why there are so many abductions over such a long period, maybe not many hybrids live very long?

Someone please tell the abducting aliens! They don’t need our genes, we don’t need theirs; they need better ideas (and come to think of it, so do we).

These aliens are obsessive and desperate?

“Most criminals act out of a sense of despair.” – The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 860 (It then follows that rape is done ultimately by desperate men; abductions by desperate aliens?)

On channeling aliens:

“This [the Seth material] is not the Cayce material, with information seemingly coming from some vast storehouse of knowledge. In those terms no such storehouse exists. [Forget “Akashic” records. – MkM] Knowledge does not exist independently of the one who knows. Someone gave Cayce the material. It did not come out of thin air. It came from an excellent source, a pyramid gestalt personality, with definite characteristics, but the alien nature of the personality was too startling to Cayce, and he could not perceive it…”

The Early Sessions, Vol. 8, Session 417.

So this is saying, Cayce’s source was excellent, the trip-ups were Cayce’s.

“It came from an excellent source…” As opposed to a crummy source? Maybe that’s why a lot of channelling seems to suck (my opinion)? Bad sources? Consider the source!

Recall also, Jane’s dabblings with “Melba of the midplane,” a non-excellent source.

So the source and/or the channeler can be the problem.

Later, in Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, II, Session 921, Seth talks of automatic writing and such (he never used the word “channeling” that I am aware of, for according to Merriam-Webster, the word did not first see print in the “New Age” sense until 1987 after Jane died in 1984) often merely coming from “scattered portions” of one’s own self. He further noted that apparent “spacemen” as a source is perhaps the latest example in this regard.

(Seth was also careful to draw a distinction between the phenomenon of him/Jane and her Cezanne and William James “world view” material).

So, we have apparent alien channeling in a book or two with little if any corroborative information spoken directly to abductees who at least one book blames (the abductees) for not asking questions of the aliens. Abductees do ask and are usually not answered. (Lab animals cannot ask, but that does not justify violative experiments on them.)

Abductions researcher Budd Hopkins reports instances where the aliens lie.

An example:

Aliens to a child: “We’re your parents.”

The child: “No, you’re not!”!

Aliens: “We’re your parents’ best friends.”

Yes, that’s the ticket!

Such lies violate my trust.

As they lie to children, if alien channeling is genuine and they’re insisting they have our best interests and evolution at heart, how do we know we can trust what they are saying?

What an opportunity lost when Whitley Strieber told the alien in Communion, “You don’t have the right!” and the alien simply replied, “We do have the right!”

Had the alien elucidated why, the explanation could have gone into what became a notably bestselling book!

Abducting aliens, good, bad, desperate, or stupid?:

In Session 914, Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Seth speaks of emotional intelligence as equally important as intellectual intelligence. He notes an intellectual genius can be emotionally incompetent yet no one would think to call him/her retarded.

The abducting aliens strike me as fitting this bill: technologically gifted, but wholly emotionally retarded or incompetent leaving the abductees dealing with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) much like war veterans or rape victims.

Some people report positive experiences as a result of being abducted by aliens, on the other hand, many abductees suffer from post traumatic stress disorder as noted, so is the glass half full or half empty when it comes to abduction by aliens?

Whitley Strieber, for himself, reports both good and bad experiences and is essentially wrestling whether the glass is half full or half empty when it comes to the overall result of being abducted by aliens:

To illustrate what appears to be the one-sided nature of who benefits from abductions, allow me as a human to put the abducting alien shoe onto my foot.

Just trying it on for size. A thought experiment in role perversal, and a little walking around despite their bad fit.

“Hey! Can I come over to your place at my convenience and carry you off and take some of your sperm or ova to mess with?

“Women: can I get you pregnant and later remove the fetus – again at my convenience? And multiple times? Practice makes perfect?

“What for?

“Don’t ask, I’m not telling. You figure it out.

“Where am I from? Don’t bother me with that, you’d just never understand.

“Don’t move! Don’t make a sound. Wait, I’ll just make it so you can’t.


“Now hold still, while I jam this BB-size thing into your brain.

“Are you feeling pain? Oops, sorry, gone now?

“Here, let me show you a devastated earth. What do you think of that?

“What for? Don’t ask me.

“But trust me.

“Allow me to make you fuck that other human over there whether you like it or not, the one with the very dazed look on her face.

“Now, just let me spend some private time with your child…

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring h/her back! Sheesh, why are you so upset?

“And you don’t mind if I come back, do you? Unannounced as usual and whenever I feel like it, of course.

“If you do mind, well, I don’t care.

“I’ve taken away your memory of these horrid experiences, so what’s it to ya?

“Your spouse or loved ones are wondering where the heck you were? They’re bitching you out and you can’t account for what seems like missing time? Not my problem, Earthling.

“Stressful that no one believes you’ve had some scary enigmatic experiences? Stressful that the priests of science call you deluded or hoaxing or worse or the other priests call it the devil/demons? No one you know to turn to?

“Not my problem.

“For some answers, maybe find a psychic to attempt to channel my world view and reassure you Mark simply must have a greater good in mind.

“Don’t bother me about your PTSD.

“I haven’t a clue about violations. I have the right!! And don’t expect any thanks, by the way.

“Gotta go.”

If I were a government doing this, Amnesty International, for one, would be outraged at the human rights violations and would mount a campaign seeking correction.

As a person, I would obviously be subject to arrest.

Abducting aliens: At least call ahead, explicitly ask permission, and improve your bedside manner!

Are simple, respectful, good manners too much to ask? And is it that hard to say thanks?

As Seth says violence adulterates whatever good is intended by it (The Seth Material, end of the God Concept chapter), I think the alien abduction “good” is similarly tainted.

Seth: “Mark my words, all debts are paid.” (The Coming of Seth, Chap 12)

The abducting aliens have quite a tab going.

We’re still waiting for the pay-off (and for open, truly cooperative, contact as some races engage in).

And, to top it off, the aliens can be doofuses. See Budd Hopkins’ latest, Sight Unseen.

Kidnap victims can end up with an emotional attachment to their kidnappers, it’s called the Stockholm syndrome.

The abducting aliens may not be conferring any new psychic powers onto some abductees as some believe. There is some evidence that any very traumatic event can open up avenues of psychic awareness.

Whitley Strieber:

“My belief is that something was discovered in those [Nazi death] camps about children. Specifically, that children, if placed under enough stress, could be induced by drugs and trained to literally enter another
dimension-a ‘brane world’ as recently discussed in our ‘Insight’ section as part of a larger discussion about humanity being possibly embedded in a larger galactic civilization.

[brane – Any of the extended objects that arise in String Theory. A one-brane is a string, a two-brane is a membrane, a three-brane has three extended dimensions, etc. More generally, a p-brane has p spatial dimensions.

[ ]

“I suspect that what happened to me back in 1948 or 49 probably involved dosing me with some sort of drug… Back in those days, the notorious Nazi murderer Dr. Hubertus Strughold was operating the new ‘aerospace medicine’ project at Randolph Air Force Base. I have many memories of being taken by the same man who attacked me in the house to classes at that base, which I have written about before. I note that Dr. Strughold was familiar with the use of hallucinogens, from experiments using Mescaline that he had conducted in the concentration camps.”

“The Capture House”

Saturday October 11th, 2003

Traumatic childhoods can make for a rather psychic person.

Two friends of mine had unenviable childhoods. One ended up gifted with a lot of flying dreams. Another with a lot of nightmares that include dreams(?) of being aboard space ships.

And then there’s Jane Roberts and her very unenviable childhood. She ended up with the magnificent Seth achievement while simultaneously experiencing a debilitating illness restricting her mobility and ultimately an early death.

Was her glass half empty or half full? That of course would be for her to answer. Interestingly, the Personal Sessions reveal that her goal was to become a known science fiction writer, the Seth material was something of a distraction! (“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon or him quoting another.)

So the conferment of new psychic powers may not be from the aliens at all but from the abductees own psyches, as perhaps a dissociative, compensating, emotional-survival mechanism. The alleged channeling of Zetas where they claim to be helping us to evolve may simply represent their spin on trying to justify what they take from and do to us.

They might have a tendency to prey on already-“victimized” people. The friend of mine with all the flying dreams also had a scoop mark which many abductees exhibit.

Aliens can “shape shift,” appear as not their true selves. See Budd Hopkins’ latest, Sight Unseen.

Seth, The Personal Sessions, Session 604: “…a body can be made from the camouflage of any system, constructed easily when you know how to do it.” Indeed there was a Seth apparition described in The Seth Material and sketched by a guest attending the session and shown in the original edition of the book. Seth even said he might at a later date be able to speak from such a construction.

Hybrids may have already “infiltrated” if the accounts given in Budd Hopkins’, Sight Unseen are to be believed. See also David Jacobs’ The Threat.

And the aliens have the power to render things invisible. See Budd Hopkins’ latest, Sight Unseen.

Also there’s this account from a person who as a boy was abducted for nearly two days, the parents calling the police:

“I could hear my mother calling me in the background and then my dad and older brother calling me, but I was instructed not to try to answer. Then some bushes began to move and he conveyed to me, ‘Step aside and be very quiet and don’t breathe.’

“When I did this, several people walked right past me and him, just like we weren’t there, and he again instructed me not to try and call them or touch them in anyway, since it would be dangerous to my life. One of those people was my brother and the others I didn’t know at the time (but later found out must have been the police).” 24-Nov-2003

Apparently if the aliens or their craft are seen it’s because they either want to be seen or they’ve goofed or perhaps they are experiencing technical difficulties.

There are stories of crashes and not just near Roswell, NM, USA in 1947.

A brief note on time travel:

Seth in The “Unknown” Reality, II said an infant could literally walk into other times – if it could walk. (Or was that walk into other realities? I can’t find the quote. Is there that much difference?)

Dimethyltryptamine or “DMT” occurs naturally in the body in very minute quantities.

In The Seth Material, near the beginning of the God Concept chapter, Seth said the psychedelic drugs can give one glimpses into other realities.

A DMT trip lasts only about 20 minutes.

Besides “God” experiences (“I felt God was in my cells”), people fairly uniformly report accounts while under DMT of seeing elfin-like beings who sometimes seemed to have been awaiting perception by the human perceiver and seem to be glad when perceived and who sometimes appear to perform grey alien-type procedures apparently on the etheric or astral body of the experiencer since the experiencer hasn’t physically gone any where.

See DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor’s Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near Death, and Mystical Experiences by Rick Strassman.

If the abducting grey aliens are actually adult, “neonate” humans as some speculate, cross breeding humans with same doesn’t represent hybridization any more than mating a beagle with a boxer.

Regarding my opinions herein, my dim view of the abducting aliens, I could be wrong. Like David Jacobs, author of The Threat, I rather hope so.

I want more data for more data is clearly needed!

I really wish Seth had more to say on UFO’s.

Sue Watkins told me that Jane didn’t much care for the topic as it smacked to Jane too much of The National Enquirer.

I will close with a book blurb showing that not all aliens are violators:

UFOs Are with Us, Take My Word

by Leo Dworshak

Paperback: 106 pages

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co; (February 13, 2003)

ISBN: 0805958681

Book Description

In 1932, two German-American farm boys in North Dakota made an otherworldly discovery that would change their lives forever. It was a dusky summer evening when the twelve and eight-year-old brothers stumbled upon a machine in the mountains unlike anything they’d seen before. Bigger than the Dworshak barn and “round like a silver dollar,” the contraption rotated and flashed multicolored lights. Something like an invisible fence prevented the curious youngsters from approaching the “ship,” so they sat and watched instead – sat and watched as an unusual door opened and out walked three men.

The Dworshak brothers observed this unearthly ship and its passengers repeatedly and on into adulthood [often seeking encounters in the same spot as the first one], even going so far as to talk with the men and enter the saucer, gaining extraterrestrial knowledge along the way. Almost seventy years after the first sighting, Dworshak shares his awing account of close encounters with beings from another galaxy.

About the Author

Leo Dworshak is a retired salesperson who enjoys hunting, fishing, and traveling. A native of North Dakota, Dworshak is married and has four children.

He had encounters as late as 1963, seeing the craft with his daughters.

The aliens were always considerate and cordial to him and are concerned with Earth.

His boarding of their craft was entirely voluntary, and he was wide awake.

He said they used 12 senses – the outer and inner senses per Seth?

Mark M Giese

Racine, WI, USA

December 2003

© 2003, Mark Giese. All Rights Reserved.

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