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Seth on “Shit”

Now many of you here use the word “shit.” You apply the term in a derogatory manner to yourselves, and you think: “I am full of shit.” And where does the great spectacular reality, the physical reality of your earth, spring from? Why is shit not considered sacred and blessed and glorious? You think of shit, unfortunately, as the antithesis of good; and when you play around it or with it, you think you are being childish at the best, and wicked at the worst.

A child sits, perhaps three years old, with his finger stuck up his ass, feeling the shit that warmly runs down, and that child knows that shit is good. Then, give him credit!

You think that the soul is a white wall with nothing written upon it, and so your idea of sacrilege is to shit upon it, not realizing that the shit and the soul are one, and that the biological is spiritual; and that, again – if you will forgive my homey concept – flowers grow from the shit of the earth. And in a true communion, all things of this life return to the earth, and are consumed and rise up again in a new life that is never destroyed or annihilated, though always changing form.

So, when you shrink from such words or such meanings, why do you shrink? Because you do not trust the biology of your being or the integrity of your soul in flesh. You are people. You are made of the stuff of the earth, and the dust from the stars have formed into the shit that lies in piles – warm piles that come from the beasts and the creatures of the earth. And that shit fertilizes the flowers and the ground, and is a part of it.

How dare any of you, therefore, set yourselves against that, or in conflict with?

This does not mean, my dear young friend, that you need to go about speaking [the word] to those who do not like it, and saying “Fuck you.” He wanted me to use that word (fuck) on tape. But again: This does not mean that you should use such a word to make other people uncomfortable.

Your soul and your flesh are wedded together. One is not “better” than the other. Both are good. Both are, and you are both. The heritage of the earth, in your terms, is ancient and yet ever new, and when you write your letters (to correspondents) you write… with your intelligence and your wit. Yet if it were not that you shit once or twice a day, you would not be writing any letters!

Yet when you laugh, you laugh because you still think the word is beneath you, and you are being sneaky or smart-alecky – or you think I am – by speaking so freely.

When I say “soul,” you do not snicker. ~ The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 2, Appendix 24 (for session 725).


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