Your Life Begins When You Know Its Purpose

Seth on Conscious Creation

The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 648:

(“Say a little about the geese, then.”)

I will indeed, and give us a moment.

(Pause.) They attract you because of their instinctive knowledge, and they represent the inner freedom that man is in the process of objectifying on a conscious level. They also remind you of the deep certainty of your creaturehood, and by their flight evoke within you the knowledge that you are leaping from creaturehood into dimensions of actuality you only barely sense.

Their migration is perfect in its simplicity and complexity, yet your journey as a species is far less predictable, opening avenues of probabilities in which your consciousness and free will allows you to become conscious creators in worlds that you initiate and then inhabit.

ESP Class Session, Tuesday, January 22, 1974:

Indeed. Your eyes and your eyelashes, being individual, express the individuality of All That Is. No snowflakes are alike. No person is alike. Through the manifestation of individuality does All That Is express its being. To be yourself you are, in your terms, what God is. And in your way, you become a conscious creator. You are co-creators whether you know it or not. You are creators whether you know it or not. You are created and you create whether you know it or not. You can learn to be conscious co-creators. You form your reality. You can do this consciously. Even when you choose to think in terms of a nebulous, beneficial, divine oneness in which you hope to hide your being, and lose it.

ESP Class Session, Tuesday, March 26, 1974

I have said to you before, using, if you will forgive me, your terms, that you are the black sheep of the universe, because you will no longer blame gods or devils nor circumstances for those effects in your life that you do not like, nor bow down to gods, devils or circumstances in praise for those good conditions that you have yourselves created. That therefore you will become conscious co-creators with an All That Is that has little to do with the puny concepts in which God has been entrapped for centuries, as far as your religions and myths are concerned. For those myths have also trapped you who believe in them.

ESP Class Session, Tuesday, June 11, 1974

You have chosen a different kind of consciousness. That kind of consciousness necessitated different kinds of challenges, so that with your new kind of mind, you would come to different crossroads. You would forget what the animals knew, but with a different kind of consciousness, you would triumphantly then become aware, but in a different way, of the animals’ blessed knowledge and use it again in new terms as conscious co-creators. You have not as yet reached that level but you are working. That is in partial answer to your question.

There is a great conscious revelation that in all probability can come to each of you and to those of your species in which you understand the nature of your own race and your relationship with All That Is within the reality that you know. And then you will realize many things, when you do not define your existence as physical only. Then you will not feel that you should agree, or because you feel that your immortality is dependent upon the seed that falls from you into the earth. You will recognize your own immortality and therefore be free and joyous in your mortality. And you will gracefully take your part as co-creators at a conscious level with all the conscious and unconscious beings that dwell within your physical reality.

ESP Class Session, August 31, 1971

You are all multi-dimensional realities. You are learning to use your consciousness to become conscious co-creators of your own reality. Some of you this evening, after class, will be involved in some adventures that I hope you will remember.

ESP Class Session, March 17, 1970

You will learn that you are a part of the web-work of consciousness. You will learn to be conscious co-creators. You will learn, or you will destroy the planet which you now inhabit! And if you do, your consciousness will begin in another reality. You will learn to recognize within yourselves the joy and the true reality of being. You will learn to distinguish between the reality of joy and pseudo-realities that you have created, or you will begin again. But you will learn. You are indeed as blessed as any god and as gifted. When you learn to honor yourselves, you will be free. And you will create with joy and spontaneity when you recognize that within the leaf of a flower the consciousness that is within it, and relate it to yourself, and honor it and treat it as a little brother, you will be free.

Later in session:

Creativity is always discontent – and always about new surprises. Therefore, the entity itself is never completed. You are learning to be conscious co-creators. But you do not always know what the creation, in your terms, will be.

ESP Class Session, March 12, 1968

You are co-creators. What you call God is the sum of all consciousness and yet the whole is more than the sum of its parts. God is more than the sum of all personalities, and yet all personalities is what He is. There is constant creation, but peace is to be found in creation. There is a force within you that allows you to breathe. There is a force within you that knew how to grow you from a fetus to a grown adult. This force is part of the innate knowledge within all consciousness and it is a part of the God within you.

The “Unknown” Reality, Volume 2, Appendix 15

(Thus Jane demanded in her composition of this afternoon, October 7, 1974.)

“Cherish the gifts of the gods. Don’t be so anxious to throw your individuality back into their faces, saying, ‘I’m sick to death of myself and of my individuality; it burdens me.’ Even one squirrel’s consciousness, suddenly thrown into the body of another of its kind, would feel a sense of loss, encounter a strangeness, and know in the sacredness of its being that something was wrong. Wear your individuality proudly. It is the badge of your godhood. You are a god living a life—being, desiring, creating. Through honoring yourself, you honor whatever it is God is, and become a conscious co-creator.”

The “Unknown” Reality Volume 1

Session 688, March 6, 1974

Even when you lost sight—as you knew you would—of those deep connections, they would continue to operate until, in its own way, man’s consciousness could rediscover the knowledge and put it to use—deliberately and willfully, thereby bringing that consciousness to flower. In your terms this would represent a great leap, for the egotistically aware individual would fully comprehend unconscious knowledge and act on his own, out of choice. He would become a conscious co-creator. Obviously, this has not as yet occurred.

The “Unknown” Reality Volume 1

Session 689, March 18, 1974

(A one-minute pause at 10:28.) In one way or another all mythology contains descriptions of other species existing on the earth in various forms. This includes stories of fairies and giants, for example. Mythology tells you about the archaeology of your race psychically as well as physically. There were, then, smaller and larger species of men, with varying conscious connections with the rest of nature. The larger experiments involved the production of a species that would be a part of the earth, and yet become aware co-creators of it. There were innumerable considerations, innumerable experiments, with size, brain capacity, neurological structure, and with a kind of consciousness flexible enough to change with its environment, and also vigorous enough to explore and alter that environment. Do you have that?

The Early Sessions, Volume 2

Session 53, May 13, 1964

Rob’s Notes:

Immediately the mouth vanished, I was swept from head to toe by my famil­iar thrilling, the feeling of sound. The sensation was very strong and suffusing, almost one of ecstasy. I felt about to be swept up and away I realized that I was smiling, and that beneath the blindfold my eyes were open. The sensation continued strongly through my body for perhaps a minute or two. I waited for further developments but none came, although the feeling lingers now at 10:25 PM.

In this experiment sound, light and sensation were involved I wonder whether the mouth was a more or less conscious creation to explain the vigorous feel­ing sweeping through me.

[Rob was first to use term “conscious creation”- although different context…]

The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 663

(Pause.) This leads you back into yourself and to a recognition of your own abilities. What you now create unconsciously your species will create consciously. The infinite abilities of consciousness become individualized, focused into a particular reality which then becomes expanded. Your own temporal creations add to the abilities with which you made them. You learn through your creations. Mind, as physically directed, utilizes the greatest sources of power and energy along with unlimited aspects of creativity, so that each physical day is indeed absolutely unique. You cannot expect any portion of your environment to remain static, therefore, and the condition of your body is constantly in a state of flux and change.

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