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A Summary of Seth Exercises

Compiled by Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D.


How to Develop Your ESP Power
The Seth Material
Seth Speaks
The Nature of Personal Reality
The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1, 2
The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression
Conversations with Seth
The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
Seth, Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness
The Way Toward Health
The Early Sessions, Book 1
The Early Sessions, Book 6
The Early Sessions, Book 7
The Early Sessions, Book 8
The Early Sessions, Book 9

Note: this list is in the order of original book publication. The dates are from current reprinted editions. The list is NOT comprehensive but a work in progress. Please feel free to email any updates to helfrich AT

How to Develop Your ESP Power, Lifetime Books, Inc. (2000)

How to Develop Your ESP Power
  • Lots of great exercises used by Jane Roberts and Rob Butts to develop their own psychic abilities: using a Ouija board, automatic writing, channeling, seances, dream recall, precognitive and clairvoyant dreams, telepathy, psychological time, predictions, reincarnational lives, mediumship. A great place to start!

The Seth Material, New Awareness Network, (2001)

The Seth Material
  • Dream Therapy [p.199-200 ]
  • Inner Senses – Psychological Time [p.280-1]

Seth Speaks, Amber-Allen, (1994)

Seth Speaks
  • Learning to Use the Inner Senses [#522, p.56-7]
  • Sensing Your Source of Power: the true nature, creativity and vitality of the soul [#527, p.77]
  • Probable Selves: exchanging unpleasant with pleasant probable pasts [#566, p.231-2]
  • Altered Focus: Alpha 1, Create an Inner Landscape [#574, p.271-4]
  • Opening Perceptions, Increasing Awareness, Expanding Appreciation of Your Own Multidimensional Personality [#591, p.364-6]
  • Identifying Coordination Points [#593, p.378-81]

The Nature of Personal Reality, Amber-Allen, (1994)

The Nature of Personal Reality
  • Sensing Feeling-Tones [#614, p.20-1]
  • Imagination: identifying and rearranging beliefs like furniture [#618, p.51-3]
  • Imagination and Emotion Game: pretend what you want is real [#619, p.63-4, #622, p.77-9]
  • Association: memories of pleasant and unpleasant past events [#633, p.130-1]
  • Imagination: breath analogy, the multidimensional psyche [#636-7, p.154-7]
  • Imagination: feel the energy of your entity [#637, p.159-160]
  • Identifying Conflicting Beliefs: intellect and emotions [#644, p.213-5]
  • Imagination and Will: develop latent abilities [#654, p.282-3]
  • Identify Physical and Mental Abilities: Which You? Which World? Probable selves [#655, p.287-9]
  • Sensing the Present, The Point of Power [#656, p.292-3]
  • Repattern Your Past: exercising the point of power [#657, p.298-301]
  • Natural Hypnosis: accepting desired new beliefs [#658, p.308-9, 315-6]
  • Imagination: problem solving and creative expression [#669, p.383-6]

The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1, 2, Amber-Allen, (1997)

The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1

The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 2

Practice Elements for Exploring the “Unknown” Reality:

  1. Probabilities: sensing mental and biological doorways [#687, p.81-3]
  2. Probabilities: changing viewpoints [#695, p.147-8]
  3. Probabilities: self-photo, sensing related probabilities [#695, p.148]
  4. Probabilities: self-photo, comparison of probable directions [#695, p.148-9]
  5. Probabilities: self-photo, representing the species within its habitat [#695, p.149-51]
  6. Probabilities: past, present, future family members as simultaneous “countries” [#695, p.155-7]
  7. Probabilities: group photo, emotional connections to choices made or not made [#697, p.167]
  8. Probabilities: conscious awareness as a path [#701, p.188-9]
  9. Probabilities: focusing intent, exploring “roads not taken” [#707, p.294-5]
  10. Probabilities: reliving yesterday and tomorrow [#708, p.306-8]
  11. Clarity and attention; tuning the physical senses [#716, p.395-7]
  12. Altered states: mobility/changing focus, learning to tune your “mental radio” to other stations [#716, p.397-400]
  13. Visualization: imaginary photo, expanded world view [#719, p.421-3]
  14. Dream State: mental camera, dream photography [#719, p.423-5]
  15. Dream State: expanding inner space [#721, p.439-41]
  16. Dream State: expanding dream time [#721, p.442-5]
  17. Language patterning: spontaneous words, sounds to break molds [#723, p.460-4]

The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression, Amber-Allen, (1996)

The Nature of the Psyche
  • Emotional Associations: waking and dreaming mobility [#764, p.44]
  • Visualization: your life’s significant events as a painting, sensing strong emotional attachments (belief recognition) [#764, p.44-5]
  • Visualization: daydreaming, free association [#764, p.45-6]
  • Visualization: imagine you’re awake while asleep, nurturing lucid dream focus [#764, p.47]
  • Visualization: view your waking state as dream symbols [#764, p.47]
  • Visualization: altering your focus of attention [#764, p.48]
  • Emotional Associations: play with predicting future events [#764, p.48-9]
  • Imagination Game: before falling asleep, imagine what the world was like before you entered it [#793, p.177]
  • Imagination Game: before falling asleep, imagine you were born twenty or thirty years earlier or later [#793, p.178]
  • Imagination Game: before falling asleep, imagine being on another part of the planet, present time, play with time sequences [#793, p.178-9]
  • Imagination Game: before falling asleep, imagine your consciousness traveling to a variety of locations in a variety of ways [#793, p.179]
  • Imagination Game: eating an orange, double dreams (loops of consciousness ) [#794, p.184]
  • Imagination Game: pretend your are of the opposite sex (beliefs recognition) [#795, p.187]

Conversations with Seth by Susan M. Watkins, Vol. 1, 2, Moment Point Press, (1999)

Conversations with Seth, Vol. 1. & 2 Various group exercises including table tipping, remote viewing, secrets class, identifying and recognizing beliefs, Sumari, nude class, the inner city, projections of consciousness, true dreams from the Gates of Horn, probable and reincarnational selves, counterparts.

  • Building an Inner City [p.197-201]
  • True Dreams from the Gates of Horn [p.292-300]
  • Alpha Trance: imagining Alpha 1 [class session June, 1971, p.192-3]
  • Alpha Trance: imagining Alpha 1 through Alpha 5 [class session September 07, 1971, p.428-9]

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Amber-Allen, (1995)

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
  • Imagination Game: physical experience as the materialization of subjective reality [#830, p.148-9]

Seth, Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness, New Awareness Network, (2000)

Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness This book provides an excellent introduction to the ways in which Jane and Rob began to assimilate and experiment with the early material, particularly the inner senses, dream recall, out-of-body techniques, and more.

  • Visualization: experimenting with inner vibrational touch [p.134]

The Way Toward Health, Amber-Allen, (1997)

The Way Toward Health
  • Imagination Game: imagine your worries literally floating away like balloons [p.97]
  • Imagination Game: being in the Now, dealing with stress, poor health, financial problems [p.183-4]
  • Imagination Game: taking a “better and better pill” [p.223-4]
  • Relaxation and Affirmation: “I am an excellent person” [p.275]
  • Imagination Game: visualize symptoms of illness being swept away as debris [p.275-6]
  • Imagination Game: creative imagery to discover a solution to illness (inner landscape, inner guide [p.276]

The Early Sessions, Book 1, New Awareness Network, (1997)

The Early Sessions: Book 1 of the Seth Material
  • Conceptualization: direct cognition of a concept [#37, p.298]
  • Expanding Your Tissue Capsule [#40, p.317]

The Early Sessions, Book 6, New Awareness Network, (1999)

The Early Sessions: Book 6 of the Seth Material
  • Noticing the Depths Behind “Simple” Actions [#248, p.76-7]
  • Form #2 Projection: changing the future past [#262, p.192]
  • Projection: inducing a waking lucid dream [#265, p.210]
  • Projection: inducing lucidity from the dream state [#277, p.305-8]

The Early Sessions, Book 7, New Awareness Network, (2001)

The Early Sessions: Book 7 of the Seth Material
  • Projection: A Basic Method for Inducing Lucid Dreams [#298, p.142-3]
  • Projection: A Method to Explore Your Infinite Multidimensional Nature [#305, p.198-200]
  • Noticing and Replacing Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones [#332, p.332-4]

The Early Sessions, Book 8, New Awareness Network, (2001)

The Early Sessions: Book 8 of the Seth Material
  • Painting: Tips For Sketching & Painting Outdoors [#401, p.220-6]
  • Abundance: Improve Your Financial Circumstances [#404, p.245-6]
  • Painting: Using Sound to Enhance Intuitions [#418, p.323-5]

The Early Sessions, Book 9, New Awareness Network, (2002)

The Early Sessions: Book 9 of the Seth Material
  • Psy-time: visualize probable events [#437, p.77-80]
  • Projection: explore other lifetimes [#448, p. 145-7]
  • Visualization: mental yoga [#456, p. 203]
  • Visualization: deconstructing negative beliefs, constructing positive beliefs [#481, p. 287-9]
  • Find Your Own Answers: journey into the nature of your own consciousness [#483, p. 301-3]
  • Projection: mutual dreaming [#497, p. 364-8]
  • Visualization: problem solving and self-healing game [#502, p.399-406]
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