Your Life Begins When You Know Its Purpose

The ABCs of Conscious Creation: Foundations of Thought

Excerpted from Ten Thousand Whispers

by Lynda Dahl


Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation

All That Is
Consciousness Units
Greater Selves
The Inner Self
Electromagnetic Energy Units
Idea Construction

Inner Senses
Simultaneous Time
Framework 2
Magnificence Personified
Exploring Conscious Creation


Conscious creation is nothing more than learning to live in physical reality under the guidelines established for it. It’s a fancy name for living naturally within the universal structure that supports all creation, conscious or otherwise. The whole purpose of conscious creation is to break the bonds of past limiting beliefs about what is and is not possible in our lives and reach for the stars with new knowledge under our belts. It is, in essence, becoming adept at manipulating within our reality to manifest goals of choice.

Defining conscious creation isn’t that difficult; understanding its subtleties is more complex. To consciously create what we want out of life takes a complete reorientation of thinking, a 180-degree evolution away from what we’ve been taught is real, lo these many years. We’re so used to believing that events happen outside ourselves, formed by luck, fate and other people, that we never question the validity of the belief. It becomes an assumption, and a very powerful, limiting one. The most exhilarating gift we can give ourselves is the knowledge that we are lowercase gods, with complete creative control over our lives. From this point of understanding, we can then build a platform of thought which allows us to radically change our circumstances.

When we decide to take credit for the events we experience, we bump against the patterned thinking of the masses. Their beliefs in individual powerlessness hit us every time we read a newspaper, watch television, listen to conversations. If you want to reinforce the idea you’re a victim of circumstances, no problem. The vehicles are endless and constant in today’s society, including what’s found in much metaphysical material. So, most of what we’ll be doing on New World View’s web site is to help break the hypnotic focus on what we’ve been conditioned to accept, and come into our own through a reorientation of thinking.

So, let’s start our search for answers and change by first studying the construct of the universe in general and physical reality in particular, or better said since tomes could be written about both subjects let’s select those bits of information for discussion that help us craft a new set of lenses through which to view life and, by default, teach us about conscious creation.

All That Is

The Beginning, to use an accepted if distorted term, was a condition where All That Is was not fulfilled. It existed in a state of conscious being as a psychic pyramid gestalt, but without the means to express itself. It was loaded with probabilities and possibilities desiring actualization, but ways to produce them were not apparent. All That Is saw an infinity of probable, conscious individuals, and understood all possible developments around each; and It was consumed with the desire to create both the individuals and their infinite probabilities. This overwhelming need to create, and the expectation that a way would be found, culminated in a magnificent flash of creation as psychic energy from All That Is burst forth into actualization. In so doing, All That Is gave birth to individualized consciousness.

The connection between each of us as individualized consciousness and our creator can never be severed. As a literal part of All That Is, as a portion of All That Is that knows Itself as us, we retain memory of Its great creativity and desire, and they become ours. We draw upon Its overall energy constantly, since our existence depends on it; and as our source, It is there when we need help. Even the most minute particle of All That Is carries the innate knowledge of the whole. So, while we are very much individual, our individuality can better be described as a distinct portion of All That Is made to look separate.

From All That Is springs all worlds, all realities, all selves. It is a living, loving, expanding energy gestalt of consciousness that thinks itself into shapes, events and things. Everything within our universe—space, time, matter and forces—emerges and is molded from this energy of consciousness. Everything we see in our reality is consciousness allowing itself to be made physical for its own expression. So, it goes without saying that “dead matter” is a non sequitur. It also goes without saying that consciousness cannot die. It can, and does, change states, but it can’t be annihilated.

Desire and expectation are the basis for any of All That Is’s created structures; hence, they are the overriding impetuses that direct and shape our lives, since we share characteristics with It by nature of our heritage. Desire and expectation lead us to create further structures which reflect the wholeness of All That Is—and the cycle of creativity and the expansion of All That Is continues, partially through us.

Consciousness Units

All That Is is consciousness. Consciousness is all that is. The implications of those two statements would change the face of civilization if understood and accepted. What they suggest is that everything we see and experience is built of consciousness, and everything we see and experience is a part of All That Is. All realities, worlds, events, matter and creatures are extensions of All That Is, literally formed from It and by It. Nothing appears anywhere in the universe without the building blocks of consciousness behind its creation and within its structure.

But how? Does God wave a cosmic wand and voilà !, another event, another material object is created? Or is there, dare we say, logic associated with manifestation? Clearly, that is the case. That we don’t understand it is our problem; the mechanics, if you will, have always been in place, and we’ve used them whether we knew it or not.

It seems that consciousness is composed of “mental” units of consciousness (CUs), the smallest possible unit of All That Is. Held within each CU is the knowledge of the universe and the “history” and pattern of All That Is. Since these units are parts of It, they are nonphysical energy that is aware of itself. Each CU has the built-in ability to organize, expand and develop along any lines it chooses. It is charged with a propensity toward expression and a great desire to fulfill itself through creativity. CUs never become physical particles themselves, but all physical matter emerges from them. They build the atoms and molecules found in our world, along with everything else.

Now, an interesting thing about these CUs: They are found in all places at once and exist outside time and space. And because they are not formed under the rules of time and space, or three-dimensional reality, and are everywhere concurrently, they are free to be clairvoyant and precognitive. Not only that, but their awareness of all organizations of which they are a part allows them to pass great amounts of information back and forth between individuals and groups, eschewing time and space boundaries.

These All-That-Is’s in miniature are endowed with unpredictability, which is extremely important because anything less would ultimately result in stagnation. This unpredictability, by its very nature, supports infinite probabilities and patterns. Consciousness, in order to create and develop, has to have the ultimate freedom to be what it chooses, when it chooses.

CUs form themselves into groupings and systems that they themselves initiate, becoming their own camouflage, or disguise. From these groupings and systems come everything from realities to rocks, offering the participating CUs a platform for experience—the whole point of their being. And our being is a direct result of their being. CUs form what we think of as the mind, and then they form the brain and body (the mind is resident throughout the body and beyond, not just in the brain).

But CUs don’t just form us, they permeate us while still residing outside of time and space. And that’s why, because of a CU’s propensity to know everything of which it is a part, every cell in our body knows instantly what is happening with its counterparts and every mind is in constant touch with all others. It’s the communication system of the CUs that makes our reality run smoothly.

Greater Selves

The universe is nothing if not organized. While All That Is is assuredly all that is, It chooses to diversify into functional groupings with various purposes and intents. The one we need most to understand is the construct of our individual greater selves. (All That Is is pure energy, and this energy cannot be divided like a sliced apple. In fact, it can’t be divided at all. But, onward we go, trying like crazy to make sense of something far beyond our complete knowing.)

First comes the definition of “self.” We automatically assign such a designation to physical beings alive in physical reality. But that is a very limiting definition, at least in universal terms. A self is any energy gestalt bounded by a definite border. That’s what humans are, although our borders are not delineated by the physical body, as one might think. They are psychic in nature and extend far beyond the body. Indeed, it’s our mind that is our true bordered self. Our bodies can disappear and we will still be our self.

Mind doesn’t need a physical body to “be.” Mind creates the body as a physical symbol of itself, but it’s only one symbol of many used by the mind to convey its diversity. In fact, there are selves alive and well throughout the universe who have never directly participated in physical reality, and yet, through desire and expectation, create their lives in the molds of their choice, just as we who participate in physicality do.

Our greater selves are of that category. They are energy gestalts of tremendous power. Each one of them, through the same creative process as All That Is—indeed, as a part of All That Is—creates many other selves, both physical and nonphysical, and gives them life through their astounding energy. A greater self can have numerous physical selves alive throughout what we perceive as historical linear time, all under its wing of protection and assistance whether or not those physical selves realize it.

The Inner Self

Keeping in mind that there really are no divisions between All That Is and its creations, we will continue to insist upon dividing the whole of It into something somewhat understandable to our current methods of comprehension.

While each of us is fueled by a greater self, of which we are but one of its many creations, the conduit for that energy is our inner self. An inner self is a portion of a greater self’s consciousness assigned the specific task of creating a physical self and then keeping that self clearly pinpointed in its pre-chosen space/time continuum.

Our inner self is very intimate. It keeps the definition of our body intact, its energy sustains us, its advice guides us, and its creative abilities build our physical environment based on what we tell it to do through our thoughts and beliefs. Indeed, our inner self is so much a part of us that it extends itself into physical reality as and through our conscious mind and becomes our environment.

When we ask for assistance or call for help, it’s our inner self who directly responds. It’s the one who extends the helping hand, leads us into “coincidences” that answer our needs, suggests we not give up so soon. It uses many vehicles for communication, such as dreams, intuition, inspiration, insight, inner voice and impulses. Without an inner self we could not function in physical reality, since it not only guides us, it keeps us alive through an inflow of its energy. All of our bodily and psychic unconscious activity is directed by our inner self, from the balance of body chemistry to the creation of our dreams. We are a literal part of it, formed in the inner world, yet appearing in the outer world.

As magnificent as our physical reality is, only this “small” portion of the overall universal consciousness, or All That Is, need take part in its creation. The creative energy that forms our world comes from our collective inner selves, those expanded portions of each of us residing outside of time and space. We, in turn, and all living things of this earth are imbued with our own creative energy—and inherent within that energy is the constant desire and need to express ourselves through continual manifestation.

Electromagnetic Energy Units

Consciousness, whether it’s composed of one unit of consciousness or, like humans, many, emanates electromagnetic energy (EE) units with every subjective experience. That is, with every thought, emotion or mental picture, consciousness emits EE units. These units, imbued with consciousness themselves, have a unique electromagnetic reality which can combine with others of like intensity. They become the basic carriers of perception, found just beneath the range of physical matter, yet giving birth to it and becoming a part of it. They are the entryway into physical matter. EE units are built up in response to emotional intensity. The stronger the thought or feeling, the greater the size, stability and strength of their magnetic nature. They will attract others of the same nature, forming a larger and larger magnetic field. The stronger the intensity of the field, the faster and more stable the physical materialization of the structure that has been designed for actualization by consciousness.

And what consciousness initiates, organizes and projects the EE units into physical reality? Our inner selves. What motivates them to do what they do with specific EE units? Our emotions and thoughts. Our inner selves create form based on the concentrated energy generated by us through a thought, belief or feeling.

Idea Construction

Our world and everything in it is idea construction, or the transformation of ideas into physical reality. The universe is made up of the raw material of energy, or consciousness, as we discussed. But it must be converted into usable form in order to enter this reality as matter or event. Ideas are the mental catalysts that transform that energy into a substance that conforms to the physical world’s needs and specifications.

Ideas, or thoughts, hold great power, because if held long enough in the conscious mind, they create structure in this world. Everything we see surrounding us is an idea—or an idea construction—that has been thought into existence, and that includes all material items and events we encounter. In fact, our body is our greater self’s idea construction of how it sees us translated into flesh. We are ideas made physical through the molding of energy. All matter formations are, in effect, psychological objects since they are formed in the mind first. Matter does not give rise to consciousness; consciousness births matter.

The simple amoebae, being consciousness just like all other organisms, create idea constructions from energy, also. The precise ideas they receive are constructed almost simultaneously because they receive so few and all are needed to ensure survival. Man, on the other hand, finds it impossible to construct all of his ideas physically because of the great numbers of complex thoughts he deals with, and so developed an ego that would make the necessary choices.

The environment that each of us experiences is the overall idea construction of what we choose to translate into matter. We only perceive our own constructions (remember, we create our individual realities), but because we agree on some basic ideas, the appearance of the environment has coherence. Our private constructions seem to overlap ones created by others and we agree on certain shared parameters, but make no mistake about it: My reality is my reality, and yours is yours. Each resides in its individual, personal psychic space or space continuum, and so is very much unique and apart—yet with the suggestion of being one.

Seth says, “Physical objects cannot exist unless they exist in a definite perspective and space continuum. But each individual creates his own space continuum—Each individual actually creates an entirely different object.” For instance, five people will view what they believe to be the same table, but, actually, five tables are projected into time and space, of the same general format but with individual touches. When we walk into a room, we telepathically agree on the placement and dimensions of the table and all other objects and people in that room, and then we individually, in our own space continuums, build the scene to match our understandings. The result: a scene that is camouflaged to look like one place in one time and one space.

Camouflage, in fact, is all we ever see. The elements that create our world are camouflages of the basic elements of the universe that reside in the inner world beyond time and space. The whole of physical reality is composed of camouflage patterns reflective of patterns of thought residing “somewhere else”; that is, each piece of camouflage has a counterpart in inner reality.

Inner Senses

Always in our logic-oriented universe there is a framework behind any action that supports its occurrence, from communication with our inner selves to the literal creation of physical reality. Nothing happens without there being a structure in place that supports the activity. That structure is based in the inner senses. The inner senses are the means by which our physical reality is built and maintained and the conduit for information between the outer world and the inner world. They are the tools used by the universe to make things happen. All the knowledge found in the physical world enters it through the inner senses.

There are nine inner senses, but they do not stand alone and shouldn’t really be viewed as individual. We use all of them constantly as a whole, and without the whole it would be impossible for anything to be actualized, anywhere.

Since time and space don’t exist for the inner senses, they have no problem communicating across those illusory boundaries, and this is where their tremendous value lies. Because they transcend space/time, they are free to deal in concepts and results not limited by the coloration of narrowed thinking.

Not that distortions don’t occur, but it’s not the inner material that’s flawed. The information received through the inner senses is clear in that it reflects reality as it exists independently of what the physical senses perceive. However, as information is filtered through a person’s belief system, it is colored accordingly. For instance, are there really angels? Sure, to the people who see them. Do all people see angels? No, only if they believe in the possibility of angels, want to experience a dramatic occurrence, or select the event for some other reason, consciously or otherwise.

In fact, one person might interpret the same construct as a nature spirit, or ghost, or vision, or extraterrestrial, or whatever he or she will allow to manifest. The information that formed the “angel” is valid, however, no matter what its packaging. It came through the inner senses, and while the manifestation is up for definition, depending on who is doing the viewing, its emergence into physical reality is a valid event.

When we consciously use the inner senses, we transcend physical reality and play in the universe unfettered by restrictive beliefs. We can enter other realities, clearly communicate with our inner selves, develop telepathic, precognitive and clairvoyant abilities and sense the workings of the universe. We become aware of our multidimensionality, aware that physical reality is a very small portion of our existence, and aware that we have at our disposal an incredible tool to use in everyday life to consciously manipulate physical reality to our liking.

By flexing the muscles of the inner senses, we allow the flow of intuition, impulses, inspiration and insights from our inner self to become more obvious, more pronounced and more frequent. Using our minds, the meeting place of the inner and outer worlds, we can float beneath the camouflage of our reality, camouflage created by the inner senses, and catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the illusion.

Simultaneous Time

It seems that linear time is but a tool that we, as consciousness in a physical reality, have chosen in order to experience the results of our idea constructions. The point of linear time is to be able to see and feel our creations in slow motion, so to speak, and then decide what works and what doesn’t in our lives. That is its primary value. Time has no purpose other than to bounce one action off another in order to study the results.

Within our three-dimensional world, we pretend that there are consecutive moments, one following after the other like infinite automobiles rolling down a universal assembly line. This forces us to perceive action in a given sequence, even though it’s a false picture that is portrayed to our physical senses. Indeed, past, present and future appear extremely convincing and logical when events seem to have lapses between them.

In the greater scope of the universal picture, however, all time is happening at once, or simultaneously. Our inner selves live in a spacious present unconstrained by time. When they view us pinpointed in time, they not only see our present self and situation, they see all the possibilities and probabilities that can ever occur to us, and all the ramifications and they see this for our past, present and future. In other words, our inner selves see a field of probabilities that reflects every action, however minute, that we could possibly choose to actualize in physical reality. To them, linear time is meaningless.

The truth is, the moment that we are aware of right now is neither built from the past nor leads to the future, automatically flowing from one to the other. In this very moment we select events that we will call past, and we select events we will experience in the future; and in our next moment we select events that we will call past, and we select events we will experience in the future; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, throughout physical life. Each moment is free to be defined exactly as we wish to see it, and that definition holds our perception of the past and future. Since all events occur at once in actuality, a past event cannot cause a present experience, and neither can cause a future one.

And, to reinforce that idea, here is a great Seth quote: “There is no cause and effect in the terms in which you understand the words. Nor is there a succession of moments that follow one after the other. And without a succession of moments following one after another, you can see that the idea of cause and effect becomes meaningless. An action in the present cannot be caused by an action in the past, and neither action can be the cause of future action, in a basic reality where neither past nor future exists.”

While this may sound esoteric, there are some very practical issues with simultaneous time that we need to understand, and one is that with no successive moments following one after the other, every probable event we can ever encounter must be surrounding us right now. For if all time is happening at once, then all possible events, or probabilities, must also be happening at once. And they are. Each probability is as solid as the next, already formed as a pattern in consciousness just awaiting our nod of approval to become part of our physical life. And that includes placement into our past. New events can be and are constantly selected from the great field of probabilities and inserted throughout linear time, so no matter where we perceive ourselves on the timeline, new events “happen” all around us, constantly.

Framework 2

Each of our lives is the result of a multidimensional creative venture. Our self in physical time works very closely with our self in nontime to pull it all off. Since our physical self is hampered by the assumptions of time and space and has a limited scope of conscious knowledge at its fingertips, the main work of creatively building a life, and all the events and material objects that entails, is done from what could be called Framework 2.

Framework 2 is a psychological medium, a place where our inner selves gather to do the work of keeping our reality in place. Beware of the word “gather.” Don’t take it literally to mean our inner selves come from all over the universe to one spot designated by All That Is as the workplace. There are no levels, divisions, hierarchies or realms in the universal structure. Everything happens in consciousness through telepathic communication.

Of course, that applies to our objectified world, also. There really is no physical world set apart from consciousness. It’s created within a different psychological medium, and there it continually resides. We translate the symbols of the medium into what seems to be solid structure, but there really are no walls to our house. They, like everything else in physical reality, are only “solid” because our perceptive mechanisms insist on making them seem that way. This psychological medium, physical reality, we’ll call Framework 1.

These framework designations are used for our benefit to help us grasp the bigger picture, but all areas of activity overlap each other in consciousness. In other words, Framework 1 and Framework 2 are in the same “place,” sharing the same “space.” However, from Framework 2’s reality emerges physical reality. It is thought into existence by our collective inner selves based on instructions given them via our thoughts, attitudes, emotions and beliefs. And since each individual is an indivisible part of a personal inner self, it’s accurate to say we each have a hand in the materialization of physical reality. In fact, our world was actually created by us in that wider aspect of our existence.

Because it is the source of our world, Framework 2 contains not only all the knowledge it takes to build and maintain a physical reality and its creatures, it holds the information of all past, present and future events and other activity outside physical reality’s boundaries. The probabilities that we have activated or one day will experience are already known as working models in Framework 2, as are the probabilities for every other consciousness who has or will exist on earth.

Thanks to our direct link to our inner self, and our “visits” to Framework 2 in our dreams and those times when we’re out of body, we know it intimately. We literally select the events we will insert into our life after studying our options. Our inner self guides us in our selections, but we’re the ones who call the shots. There is not a moment of experienced life in which we have not chosen to participate.

Magnificence Personified

Nothing is as cut and dried in the universe as what I’ve written so far makes it seem. Our minds can’t study the whole picture because we must go beyond words to do so. Intuition will fill in the gaps that words can’t interpret if we will but relax with it. But one thing that words can convey is this: We are magnificent creations of All That Is, with tremendous power at our fingertips. As literal parts of It, we share its propensities, desires and abilities, albeit in scaled-down versions.

There is stunning purpose to our being. All That Is wanted us. It loved us enough to give us life free of It’s own, yet still remain a part of It. Along with the gift of existence came the ability to create. Everything in the universe creates the same way, be it All That Is, our greater selves, other energy gestalts or human beings. We, consciousness that we all are, do it by using our minds to think thoughts that eventually develop into psychological events. In the case of consciousness residing in a physical reality, those events may be interpreted as material objects, linear time experiences, dreams or psychic events.

Because telepathy is the mode of communication between and within consciousness, we are telepathic. Because consciousness units are clairvoyant and precognitive, we are also. Because each consciousness unit holds the history and knowledge of the universe, we’re very well educated. Because consciousness is endowed with unpredictability, we have free will. Because consciousness creates every probability it can possibly experience, we are surrounded by potential unlimited. Because consciousness creates the camouflage of linear time, consciousness can choose to rethink its position and, instead, use the present as its continual point of power.

We are actors in a vast drama where the main action occurs outside our world. We can only sense the greater story from our perch in physicality, but realizing the activity that goes on within Framework 2 gives us a broader understanding of daily life. For, knowing what we do, can we possibly believe that an event can happen to us that doesn’t have intent and meaning behind it, or why else would it have been formed and inserted into our reality? Can we really believe there is no purpose to the unfoldment of our lives? And can we see the great creativity at play that hands us, carte blanche, the means to build our lives as different from other people’s as we choose, with no lockstep needed or wanted?

Consciousness is imbued with the desire to create, and that’s what we do every moment of our lives. We can no more not create than the day not dawn. We do it unconsciously, consistently. The key to getting what we want out of life is, of course, to learn how to consciously create what we desire as individuals and as a world community.

Exploring Conscious Creation

Conscious creation is learning that consciousness is the building material from which we, little gods that we are, create terror and tragedy, just as it’s the building material from which we create love sonnets and loving relationships. It’s also learning that we can mold consciousness into whatever we choose; it does us the honor of becoming exactly what we will allow it to be.

Meshing the concepts of consciousness, simultaneous time, probabilities, and the creative aspects of thought, establishes the power platform of conscious creation. They are what, viewed as a whole, help us move toward the complete reorientation that will lead us into a clearer, more accurate understanding of physical reality and our participation in it. The power platform shows us the incredible flexibility of time, space and matter, and by so doing points the way to successful lives based on conscious choice. It eventually leads to that critical 180-degree evolution in our thinking, thank God.

So, on New World View’s web site we’ll explore conscious creation in all of its glory, paying close attention to how and why an event is manifested, consciously or unconsciously. We’ll include discussion of key subjects laced with stories that have extraordinary implications, and flow into a series of visualizations and techniques meant to help you use your power of thought, and the power of the moment, to consciously paint a living picture of your life, scene by scene.

As we mix and match our way through this fascinating subject, watch how your thinking changes. Keep an inner finger on the evolution of your beliefs, because as your beliefs change, so do you. If you stay with us long enough, you’ll be fully prepared to look life in the eye on your terms, tell it who’s boss and move into your future with new assurance.

Ah, the beauty of it all.

© 1995 Lynda M. Dahl. Used by permission of Moment Point Press, Inc.

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