Your Life Begins When You Know Its Purpose

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SETH REVEALED: Learn the Secrets of Conscious Creation   Finally! A Fun-Filled, Life-Changing Course on How to Discover:
* Your True Self
* Your Place in the World
* How We Can Live in Harmony

Summer Semester 2011: June 14-August 9
Tuesday Evenings, 4-6 PM Pacific, 7-9 PM Eastern. 12-2 AM Greenwich

This comprehensive course is ideal for those who are just getting started with metaphysical studies, wish to take the ideas even further, or turbo-charge their local study group.

Instructors Paul Helfrich Paul Helfrich
Christopher Johnson Christopher
Joanne Helfrich Joanne Helfrich
& Energy Personality Essence Rose

Are You Ready To Move “Beyond The Secret”?
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