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Mastery of Self-Compassion Course

“In this critical time for humanity, where our physical world is in deep trouble, each of us needs to know who we really are from a non-physical perspective to understand how we are all co-creating our future. Chris Johnson is a true scholar of our consciousness in all its aspects of knowing, being and action. The wealth of information he brings together from a remarkable number of sources and perspectives, along with its superb organization, makes this volume an unsurpassed resource for understanding yourself and others as we play out this and many more lives as co-creators in a conscious cosmos.”

– Elisabet Sahtouris PhD, evolution biologist and futurist 

Based on his book, It’s About You! Know Your SelfChris Johnson’s Mastery of Self-Compassion course will help you to:

  • Get to know the fullest breadth of your Self—who you are—from the little ego-self that manages your physical reality, to the inner self and Essence of you that guides your actions from the realms of your spiritual reality.
  • Identify the unique gifts and talents that you bring to the world.
  • Quell your ego-self’s fearful feelings and self-defeating thoughts that prevent you from expressing fully your gifts and talents in the world.
  • Discover your intent and purpose for this lifetime—the areas of learning your Essence self would like you to explore—in other words, why you are here and why now.
  • Get a clearer understanding of what you can do in your life that will bring you more moments of joy, happiness, and fulfillment.
  • Enjoy the benefits of making sometimes difficult personal changes in a supportive, loving, and respectful community of fellow pioneers.
  • Make a shift in your personal consciousness that will ease your passage through humanity’s collective shift in consciousness happening right now.

For more information, free resources, and opportunity to enroll, visit Chris’s site.  

Course overview

Module 1: Before Your Beginning. ‘Mythos to Logos’; Consciousness – the missing element; Your consciousness; Emerging myth-logos of new story of creation; Levels of Consciousness; Consciousness’s job – to utilize energy; First mention of Intent & Divine Love; Individuation of Consciousness; Your Intent & Purpose; Riding our Shift in consciousness; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Core Issues. 

Module 2: How to be in Divine Love.  ‘The how of reality creation’; The divineness of Divine Love; Elias’s definition of Love; Omni’s ‘Will to Love’; We live in a safe universe; Moorjani quotes from Dying to be Me; Our greatest fear – separation from Consciousness; Fear of loving – Kris; Fear of Self-examination; Eliminating fear; Principles for conscious living; Ten Natural Principles; Touching your Tone; Reinvigorating Compassion. 

Module 3: Intent – Your Personal Expression. ‘Nine Families’ ; Belonging to & Aligning with; Purpose and Fate; Choosing your intent; Elias’s colouring of Families; Enneagram theory and the Families; Mapping Your Worldview Art exercise; discounted Joanne Helfrich/Rose session for personal Families of Intent.

Module 5: Your Spiritual Self. Areas within Consciousness—Objective/Subjective/Subconscious/Transitional. CUs and EEs. Identity. Essence self. Inner self. Subconscious; Creating Harmonious Relationships (Simon Rowe); EFT Accepting Your Inner Self.

Module 6: Your Physical Self. ‘Blank slate’ notion, Ego-self, Perception, Personality, how do I get a personality, why do I need a personality, Personality does not die; EFT Reframing an Unwanted BehaviourKindfulness Day.

Module 7: It’s All in Your Mind. Seth’s ‘collective’ of minds; the conscious-mind; the Mind’s subconscious area; difference between subconscious & unconscious; Jung’s ‘collective unconscious’; inside the subconscious library; the ego-self’s folly; Seth’s exploration; a graphical representation of the Self; parallels to Jungian theory; Subconscious Library Art exercise; Inner Healing guided meditation.

Module 8: Article 7: Coming to Your Senses. Seth’s ‘basic laws of the inner universe’; Law of Attraction; Bashar’s reality is a reflection; Your inner senses – in tandem with the natural principles; Empathic/Conceptual/Time-Based; the Shift awakening our inner senses; Elias’s ‘Clarity Exercise’; PsyTime; Empathic/ Conceptual /Time-based; Seth’s 10 inner universal laws; Seth’s laws as Principles; summary of Elias’ inner senses.

Module 9: Feelings and Emotions. ‘Information Processing Routes’ of Elias – Crown/Throat/Solar Plexus/Base chakras; feelings different from emotions; feelings associate with body-consciousness, emotions with the personality; Feeling inspired; Dealing with negative feeling; work with the feel of your feelings; Clearly defining emotions; Bit of a mood; Emotions not reactions; Origin of emotions; Translating emotional language; Emotions affect communication and time; Futility of denying, rejecting, or repressing emotions; The Future of human emotions; Seth (NofPR); Exercise “Which Processor are You?”; ‘Feelings Explained, Emotions Tamed’; ‘Creating Harmonious Relationships’ exercise; “What You Need to Know” about Feelings and Emotions.

Module 10: Thinking is Believing. ‘Here’s a thought’ – electric field of action; a psychoelectric pattern; Independent thought – ‘energy sphere,’ an ‘intensity’; thought’s contribution to creation process; habits of thought; final thought. So what exactly are beliefs; Personality’s Tonal Frequency. Theory of Evolution – a confusion of beliefs – Darwin/Wallace/Malthus/Spencer. Beliefs don’t just grow from thoughts; the danger of Truths; Utilizing Your Thoughts to Feel Good; Replacing a Negative Belief with a Positive One; “What You Need To Know” about Thoughts and Beliefs; “Clear Your Beliefs”; “Clearing Beliefs about Money”.

Module 11: Beliefs, Love, and Fear. More on beliefs; What comes first in reality creation – orchestra analogy; Sequence of Mental Machinations. Emotions in relation to beliefs; Expectation – the baking of reality”; Systems of Beliefs’ (Elias); Let’s talk of Love – Human Love; Sexuality; Love your Self; Science on Love; Ain’t That the Truth; Truths: What You Need to Know; So, what of Fear; a matter of Trust; the Key to Fear; the difference between Knowing and Believing (Elias); How to defeat Fear – Pema Chodron story of young warrior – ‘if you don’t do what I say, I have no power”; Garden of Beliefs, Art exercise – time-lapse; ‘Sensory Activation’ exercise.

Module 12: You Create Your Own Reality. Seth’s letter to followers; Truth of Metaphysics (Wilber); Intricacies of creating your own reality; Know thy Self to free thy Self; Know thy inner senses; Your reality is created through your beliefs; Know this at least – address your beliefs; Now’s a good time – the power of now; Metaphysical inspiration; Elias on dealing with personal issues; Where do I go from here? Seth’s second letter to followers “my purpose is not to solve your problems…” and quote about “the species moving into a new kind of selfhood.”; The Story of Anxiety; Our usual approach to anxiety; The natural approach to clearing anxiety. 

Additional references and source materials include: The New Biology – 3 videos featuring Bruce Lipton; Elisabet Sahtouris podcast; Dr. David Reilly video on ‘human healing’; Norman Friedman’s 2 books; 60-min documentary – Keith Parsons on parapsychological research; Anne Baring’s book Dream of the Cosmos; Noticing, Identifying/ Recognizing, Addressing to, and Accepting self (NIRAA) exercise.

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